Who do we recommend it for?
Who do we recommend it for?

We primarily recommend the LogiNet ecommerce Base System-Webshop ecosystem solution, for large companies. This is because its robust ecommerce framework can be personalized, making it perfectly suited for the needs of large companies; at the same time, the entirely-customizable ecommerce system still can accommodate various IT infrastructure and support systems. 

This product also encompasses a perfect solution for medium-sized companies as well who have outgrown the rentable, “boxed”, restricted opportunities offered by certain webshops. If you’re looking for a digital solution that can be customized for your needs with fast implementation and cost-effective prices, this is the product for you.

Startups that have a special emphasis on digital sales can also utilize the potential of our product.

Main Functions
Main Functions


The fully-responsive web frontend was made with standard technologies—html5, css, vue.js—and supports all common search engines, usable on both desktops and mobile devices.

  • Dynamic product search and listing platform, product comparison, recently viewed products
  • Product search and filters based on characteristics, manufacturers, and promotions
  • Favorite products, product ratings, personal lists, previously ordered products
  • Product pages with descriptions, characteristics, product variations, pictures, and promotions
  • Shopping cart function, summarized and detailed item lists, shopping cart import-export, share cart
  • User-friendly checkout process, simplified completion of previously given information
  • Search engine optimized platform: formatted urls, set metadata with manageable templates, semantic content
  • Order-tracking, self-service, and automatic notification functions


A product catalogue provides the basis of every online sales application-- a detailed and up-to-date database is essential to success. We help you in managing every aspect of this in a uniform system: categories, characteristics, pictures, files, and many other things.

  • Dynamic management of the category tree to any depth
  • User-defined product attribute schema for categories
  • Linking categories and characteristics through an administrative platform
  • Linking products and their variants (eg phones with differing storage capacity, shirts in varying sizes)
  • Product administration is easily used on a web-based platform
  • Pictures and files attached to products
  • Listing products in batch files through .xls, .xml, and .csv extensions
  • Managing B2B price lists, prices unique to clients, and any discounts
  • Inventory management, managing complex inventories, and locking with background system integration


Our rules-driven promotional engine is a state-of-the-art tool for salespeople that easily grabs customers' attention and simplifies the creation of customized offers.

  • Defining promotions and parameterizing their stacking rules:
  • Simple fixed or percentage discounts, or fixed-price discounts
  • Linking rules-based discounts with selected categories, brands, shipping modes, etc.
  • Coupon discounts: discounts or gifts available with a coupon code
  • Band quantity discounts
  • Promotional packages and consolidated discounts
  • Customize promotions to target groups or individuals
  • Product highlighting features: manage flags and stickers


Serving an order is as important to the user experience as the purchase process. Our solution simplifies the tracking and managing of customer orders and allows customer services to place and update them.

  • Configurable order-service process
  • Responsible user groups can be assigned to various order statuses
  • Search and filter orders based on customer, company, product, date, etc.
  • Send automated and customizable notifications to customers via email
  • Edit order details, add or delete products
  • Manage payment methods and changing final purchase sums; manage reservations and returns
  • Order-tracking platform for users
  • Connection with courier company’s system
  • Processing of batch files


  • Large company features, in addition to facilitating seamless reporting, also include a number of enhanced security developments without which sales at this business-size would be inconceivable.
  • Sophisticated administrator access management
  • Secure use of the administration system with one-time passwords
  • Password security policies for admins and users
  • Security reports and logs
  • Activity logs—who, when, what was done on the page
  • Log and view integration activities


The age of isolated applications has come to an end. Everyone has an existing IT infrastructure, so only those new solutions can be considered that can be combined with other elements of an existing system. The built-in features of LogiNet’s ecommerce Base System supports ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration tools; in fact, our webshop ecosystem has built-in preintegration for the most popular software solutions.

  • SAP Business One
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Oracle JD Edwards
  • SugarCRM, OroCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Cégmenedzser Corporate Management system
Lead Time
Lead Time

6-9 months

Industry solutions
Industry solutions


Optimal in almost every industry where online sales are important to your business: food, FMCG, construction, pharmaceutics, commerce.

Related products
Related products

Mobile application, appshop

A native application is an efficient solution for reaching mobile customers and also has a push notification tool to stimulate purchases and enhance the user experience. Learn more!


The foundation of LogiNet’s e-commerce base system is provided by modern and reliable programming languages and frameworks, as well as corporate-level open source technologies.

  • PHP7 programming language
  • Symfony4 framework
  • Standard web frontend components: HTML5, CSS3
  • Vue.js framework
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Improve your business efficiency and increase your revenue with customized software solutions tailored to your business needs! With LogiNet's expertise, you can plan for the long term: let us know about your ideas, a problem you’re trying to solve or your overall business goals, and we will get back to you shortly!

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