IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing
With the growing popularity of remote working and the acceleration of digitalisation, many firms may find that they lack the in-house capacity to make the IT improvements needed to stay competitive. For many companies, hiring extra staff is not a real option, but by outsourcing development, this problem can be solved. With over ten years of experience, our outsourcing service offers companies a solution that delivers the most advanced technology and expertise at predictable costs and deadlines. We put our developers at the disposal of our partners, who work efficiently with up-to-date knowledge for the success of any temporary or long-term project.
IT Outsourcing services are an efficient way to deliver IT solutions to any business

What are the benefits of outsourcing for your company?

  • You save time. You don't have to find a new specialist, which can be a challenge for a project with a short deadline. You can get professional developers in a few days without spending time on recruitment.
  • No delays. You also don't have to worry about situations that inevitably occur with in-house staff, such as holidays or illness. 
  • You use the right specialist for your IT projects. Are you thinking about software development, or perhaps you have an urgent need for a mobile app solution? Do you need a project manager but also need the help of a UX designer? You hire the right person for the job, for the time you need.
  • You pay for what you need. Whether you need developers for the short term or the long term, you can count on predictable costs. Since you only use the service for temporary needs, it's a more cost-effective solution than developing in-house.
  • Greater focus on core activities. Outsourcing allows your company to focus solely on its core business.

Why choose LogiNet professionals for your IT project?

Latest technology: we provide qualified staff using the latest technologies. This allows you to adapt effectively to the current market conditions.

Quick response to resource shortages: we can provide your company with professional, reliable specialists at short deadlines.

Wide range of services: we provide a complex service with different competencies, we implement your customised IT needs, and we provide a dedicated contact person.

Flexibility: we can provide a solution either to replace or to expand your resources on an ongoing basis.

Scalability: our services are flexible to adapt to changing customer needs.

Resource requirements analysis: we provide consultancy to evaluate competencies and team size.

Years of experience in staff augmentation: LogiNet has more than 10 years of experience in IT outsourcing, with a team of more than 90 IT professionals including web, and mobile developers, consultants and UX designers, demonstrated in a wide range of medium and large enterprise projects.

What IT outsourcing solutions do we provide?

What IT outsourcing solutions do we provide?

Dedicated team for your project

You get a team with many years of know-how and market experience to make your IT development a success.

The team includes backend, frontend developer, UX/UI designer, QA, business analyst, and project manager (if required).

A dedicated developer to cover your missing competencies

Emerging development needs can be handled quickly by temporarily expanding the development team: we can provide the right person for this within a short deadline.

End-to-end software development

We provide experts for the entire IT project cycle, from brainstorming to implementation and continuous maintenance.

What technological knowledge and competencies do our staff have?

What technological knowledge and competencies do our staff have?

Java stack
Java 11, Java 17, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, JPA, Hibernate, QueryDSL, Lombok, RabbitMQ, RESTful, OpenAPI, JSON, JWT, Maven, Gradle, Docker

PHP stack
PHP 8.x, Symfony 4.4, 5.x, API Platform, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Doctrine, TWIG, Redis, Composer, PHP Unit

Node stack
MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Koa, Mocha, Chai

VueJS, NuxtJS, SCSS, Node.js, REST API, JSON, HTML, Webpack, ES6, JavaScript, CSS, Buefy, ReactJS

iOS - Swift, SwiftUI, Xcode, UIKit; Android - Kotlin, Android Studio, Android SDK, Cross platform (Flutter, Dart)

AI engineering
GenAI APIs (OpenAI ChatGPT-3.5, ChatGPT-4, Vision), Voice APIs (Eleven Labs TTS, Whisper STT), Open Source LLM models (LLama2, Mistral), Vector Databases (PineCone, Milvus) Custom GenAI applications (Langchain, LLamaIndex, AutoGPT), Custom Models (Tensorflow, PyTorch), Python, AI Devops


AWS, Docker, Gitlab CI, Ansible, Vagrant, Helm

Testing methods
White-Box Testing, Black-Box Testing, Performance Test, Regression Test, Usability Test, Test Automation, SOAP-UI, Selenium

Digital Product Design
UX/UI design, Styleguide, Prototyping, Figma, Axure, Research, Heuristic analysis, Usability testing, UX tracking, Analytics, Service design, Persona, Journey

Project and task management

Graphisoft development

Learn about our IT outsourcing projects - Graphisoft Android development

Graphisoft continuously uses the outstanding know-how of LogiNet professionals for the development of the ArchiCAD architectural design software. Besides web solutions, it also collaborates with the company's developers for mobile projects (BIMx mobile app).

Learn about our outsourcing projects - Vodafone web development

After nearly a year of development, Vodafone's new website, New Portal, was launched in the summer of 2021, for which LogiNet provided outsourced services with a large team of front-end and backend developers.

  • Solution: Vodafone New Portal based on Vue.js, Vodafone Portal development based on Liferay, webshop operation, integration development
  • Outsource: continuous agile collaboration since 2009, with a full team of backend and frontend developers, business analysts, UX designers, and researchers.
  • Check out the case study about the project!

IT Outsourcing, Staff Augmentation FAQ

  • What exactly is IT outsourcing?
    IT outsourcing is the process in which a company outsources IT technology-related tasks to an external service provider, rather than using internal staff for these activities. The outsourcing method varies: it can be local (onshore), regional (nearshore) or remote (offshore).
  • How can a company benefit from staff augmentation?
    By IT outsourcing, companies can make significant cost savings by avoiding the cost of salaries and the expense of maintaining an internal IT infrastructure. They can gain access to high-quality expertise and innovative solutions that would take time and investment to develop. IT outsourcing allows a company to focus on its core business activities and optimise its resources. Scalability and flexibility are also among the advantages, as it can adapt more quickly to changes in business needs.
  • What are the reasons a company may decide to use IT outsourcing?
    IT outsourcing can be a good choice when the company's internal IT team is no longer able to keep up with technological developments and business needs, when it does not have the right experts for the required technology solutions, or when IT activities are not part of the company's core business. Scalability is also an important consideration: if the company is growing dynamically or has changing IT needs, outsourcing can provide flexibility. In addition, outsourcing can also help a company reduce the risks associated with business and technology innovation.
  • What areas can be outsourced within IT?
    IT outsourcing can involve outsourcing several areas such as software development (web development, mobile application development), cloud services, IT support and customer service functions.
    In the context of outsourcing, it is up to the client to decide whether LogiNet will provide a specialist to cover their missing competencies (under IT contracting) or a dedicated development team. But we can also provide end-to-end software development under this arrangement, i.e. we provide for the entire IT project process, from ideation to implementation and ongoing maintenance.
  • Is staff augmentation really cheaper than having an in-house IT professional do the work?
    This depends on a number of factors: outsourcing can bring significant cost savings, because while hiring an in-house team of IT professionals means you have to plan for salaries and benefits throughout the year, outsourcing only involves paying fees for the project. There is no need to invest in training and development of internal staff, nor in maintaining infrastructure and technology tools, as these are provided by the partner. Scalability is made easier, as companies can increase or decrease the level of services used as required.
  • How is the process of IT outsourcing?
    Once an agreement is reached between the software development company and the client, the handover phase is the start of the collaboration. This involves the parties drawing up a detailed plan for the transfer of information, tools and user rights. Ongoing communication is important throughout the project, as it is a key element in the success of the collaboration.
  • What is the role of the client and the development partner in the project?
    A clear and well-defined division of labour is essential for the success of the project. This will avoid overlapping tasks and ensure transparency. Ongoing communication and cooperation between the parties are crucial to the success of the project.
    The development company is responsible for software development, testing and implementation, operation and maintenance, and project management. 
    The client develops the necessary policies for the outsourcing project and manages the organisational changes required by IT outsourcing. Regularly liaises with the developer throughout the project, monitoring and testing solutions.
  • What depends on how many people are needed for IT outsourcing?
    The number of professionals required depends on several factors, such as the requirements of the project, the deadline and the budget. Based on the experience of the outsourcing partner, it is possible to anticipate the resources required for projects of similar size and type. As the project progresses, staffing levels are typically reviewed and adjusted as necessary in response to project developments.
  • How soon can a project be started under IT outsourcing, i.e. how quickly can the specialists start work?
    The timing of the start of an IT outsourcing project varies and depends on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the availability of the necessary resources and the length of contract negotiations. With IT resource hiring, a simple project can be up and running within a week, but a more complex project can take no longer than 3 weeks.
  • Do the "loaned" professionals work remotely or are they present in the office as part of the staff?
    The location depends on the project and the client's preferences. The flexibility of the outsourcing model allows for both remote and on-site working. Remote working is becoming an increasingly popular choice with the development of new technologies and communication tools, reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Conversely, there are some projects where it is preferable to have professionals involved in person.
  • How do I know that IT outsourcing will not compromise data security?
    Data security in IT outsourcing is guaranteed by strict contractual agreements and data protection solutions. Non-disclosure agreements are key to maintaining information security.

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