Vodafone New Portal development with LogiNet support

IT outsource service for the renewal of the company website

After almost a year of development, Vodafone's new website, the New Portal, went live in the summer of 2021, with LogiNet providing outsource services with a larger frontend and backend development team.


LogiNet has been supporting Vodafone as a development partner since 2009. The tasks have been numerous, including the maintenance of the Vodafone webshop, the implementation of integrations ( delivery and payment system) and support of the website development. In addition to the projects, we also supported Vodafone in internal squad teams, typically involving project managers, scrum masters, frontend and backend developers, and testers.

Objectives and challenges

In early 2020, Vodafone decided to renew its platforms by merging with UPC. These include a new shop and the Vodafone website (vodafone.hu). For the latter work, they asked the help of LogiNet, hoping that with their years of experience, they could jointly create a better and more manageable site. 

The telecoms provider chose the Vue.js framework, a technology that LogiNet had already implemented in other projects. They were able to use this experience to develop the portal, including the design, specification and architecture, which was developed in collaboration with Vodafone experts.


The development of the Vodafone Portal started in May 2020. The size of the outsource team working on the project varied flexibly according to the needs, with 11 specialists working on the project for most of its nearly one-year development. The majority of the team was front-end developers, along with back-end developers and a business analyst.

The LogiNet outsourcing team worked closely with the Vodafone development team.


The development of the Vodafone Portal was carried out according to a predefined roadmap, which at times required a tight pace. At the end of the project, which lasted almost a year, the client was satisfied with the product, which included more than 300 pages of static content.

As part of the project, the previous Liferay portlets (e.g. directory enquiries) were migrated to Vue components, but also some applications (e.g. web directory enquiries, shopping cart management, offer management) for upc.hu needed to be developed to be connected to the Vodafone portal.

The benefits of the LogiNet outsourcing service were also evident here. Our team members are not only highly skilled in the latest technologies but also ready to take on any task with humility and commitment. We like a challenge and we like to approach a task with new solutions.

IT outsource service for Vodafone

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