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The key framework of online sales: covering out-of-the box or entirely unique needs, optimized for both B2B and B2C sales.

Our e-commerce solution, tailored to the needs of medium and large companies, includes webshop, content management tools, product, promotions and the entire order process. It can easily integrate with all of the major enterprise management, marketing support and automation tools. Pre-built and customizable for specific company needs, it enables quick, cost-effective market entry.

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The most effective solution for serving mobile customers is a native application that also has a push notification tool to encourage purchases and enhanced user experience.

Our solution can be easily integrated into your existing webshop in a few months so your customers can make their own purchases through a native application. With it, you can build a complete omnichanel customer experience by encouraging online sales as well as in-store sales. The app supports mobile shopping on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Marketing and legal solution for monitoring your own and competitors’ webpages in the form of third party authenticated and timestamped content

Monitoring your own and competitors’ websites has many uses: you can support SEO optimization on your marketing page as well as making decision-making easier by monitoring and reporting daily competitor prices and activities on a weekly basis. Archived web page content is authenticated by Netlock, so your backups can be used as supporting evidence in case of legal disputes.

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A mobile application to support on the go salespeople with product descriptions, promotional materials and a tracking feature.

Our mobile app supports your sales work, keeps track of all sales, making it more streamlined, transparent and efficient. As a business leader, the reporting functionality helps you track your sales team’s activities and report on the routes they visit.

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A web platform solution for registering, approving, and tracking employee absences such as vacation days or sick days.

With our absenteeism system, employees can quickly and easily handle their leave requests, and track their absence from work or home office. The solution will make their remaining vacations transparent, while the system will also allow management to manage approvals. Our web tool sends automated email notifications of pending requests.

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HR platform to support recruitment and selection processes and follow up with social media integration.

The career portal enhances recruitment and selection processes by allowing candidates to easily apply to open positions and track the selection process. As the employer, you can flexibly and automatically coordinate the hiring procedure with the help of built-in modules, automatically filtered by person and position.

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Logistical yard management software to efficiently organize on-site vehicle traffic.

The system can track shipments and vehicle movements within the factory and can control them by installing additional hardware. The coordination of incoming truck drivers is supported by a mobile application designed for this purpose.

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