Who do we recommend it for?
Who do we recommend it for?
  • Increase traffic management and efficiency for logistical centers
  • Control entry and traffic for general sites
  • Balanced delivery, traffic management, and improved efficiency for manufacturers and processing units.
Main functions/modules
Main functions/modules

LOGISTICAL CENTER MODULE: Cover and customize the entire process

SUPPLIER ACCESS MODULE: Enter data, schedule, and allow access for suppliers.

DAILY OPERATIONS MODULE: Data entry and on-site management with driver notifications

REPORTING MODULE: Dashboards and reporting to all key user groups.

MOBILE APPLICATIONS: Simple, convenient, and fast applications targeted for each actor

  • driver app
  • reception app
  • logistical colleague app
  • site manager app

IOT MODULE: Integration with camera, scale, and microlocation beacon system


  • Responsive interface
  • Clear, transparent
  • Best-in-class user experience
  • Easy use
  • Sophisticated authorization management
  • Secure, two-factor access
  • SSL encrypted connection
  • Extensive browser support
Lead time
Lead time

2-4 months

Integration with other systems
Integration with other systems

CONNECTIVITY: license plate reader, scale order, RFID, beacon

IOT MODULE: integration with camera, scale and microlocation beacon system



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