Web-based software development

Web-based software development
Though at LogiNet, we are known throughout Hungary for our reliable expertise in e-commerce solutions developing webshop solutions and mobile sales applications, we also routinely undertake custom web software development in different fields. We are proficient in mobile development solutions and technologies in PHP, and Java; we have the expertise and capacity to take on projects such as these. Whether it's HR solutions, logistics, inventory management, or accomplishing startup technology ideas — you can count on us!
We offer web solutions in different fields
What web solutions are you considering?

We can help with the recruitment and onboarding processes of your business with a career portal, you can make inventory management more efficient, and warehouse management streamlined with customized logistics software — and these are just a few of the options. We can also help with startup initiatives lacking the resources and expertise to implement IT development that may be the backbone of their business idea. 

How do we understand the processes and specializations of a new partner?

It is part of our needs-assessment process to visit our new partner at their headquarters and to interview key stakeholders about their work. Based on our conversations with sales, logistics, and other management, we come to understand operations, and we use this to design and develop our unique software solution for you.

We are proficient in mobile development solutions and technologies in PHP and Java
On what basis do we recommend tailor-made technologies for your company?

We choose the recommended technology, our own- or third-party solutions, according to the task. For example, a warehouse management solution requires a more robust structure, so a Java-based software may be ideal in this case, meanwhile for a startup, a more widely-used PHP-based application is probably the better choice.

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Are you planning to start a webshop or mobile shop? Or do you want to improve your online sales channel? Download the Ecommerce Growth Ebook with lots of useful tips and guidelines for free! The ebook is only available in the Hungarian language.

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