Web development

Web development
Professionally implemented web development needs, be it web software development, portal development or e-commerce custom web development. LogiNet's IT team covers a wide range of technology solutions and provides the entire web development process from needs assessment to support, systems integration experience and the ability to connect different ecosystems.
Custom web development predictably from LogiNet

Custom web development predictable

Latest technology: our development team of more than 90 people uses the most optimised web technology, allowing your company to adapt effectively to changing market conditions.

Professional team: we assemble a team of professionals depending on the complexity of the project, which consists of consultants, project managers, UX,UI designers, in addition to developers.

Multiple methodologies: we optimize the methodology to the client's needs, which can be waterfall, agile, hybrid. 

End-to-end project management and development: we provide a full development service from needs assessment to live deployment, including UX design. After the deployment phase, we provide a IT support & maintenance services.

Integration experience: more than 10 years of experience in system integrations (ERP systems, logistics, billing and payment systems, price comparison sites, marketing solutions).

Predictability, speed: The fact that the entire development process, including UX design, is done "in-house" greatly facilitates and speeds up the project.

Broad industry experience: strong e-commerce focus, primarily in retail (e.g. food, apparel, pharmaceuticals, health-related products, consumer electronics, home improvement), but we also have custom software development in other industries (e.g. financial services, telecom, logistics, agribusiness, startups, IT).

Commitment: our goal is to use our expertise and knowledge to help our customers grow.

We cover the entire web development process: needs assessment and planning, UX design and development, maintenance and operations.

We cover the entire web development process

Needs assessment and design

  • Preliminary consultation, indicative offer
  • Specification preparation
  • Accurate quotation and expected project schedule

Web development and UX design

  • UX and UI design, user testing, interviews, research
  • Web development
  • Testing
  • Demo
  • Web application, portal, webshop development


  • Active post-launch support
  • Ongoing implementation of minor improvements
  • Operation (administrator) and maintenance service
Methodologies at LogiNet: agile, waterfall, traditional, hybrid

Which methodology do we use at LogiNet?

In principle, we use an agile-based hybrid methodology, but the chosen methodology is determined together with the client.

In doing so, we take into account the client's needs and any constraints on the areas to be developed.

Wide range of competencies, technologies

Wide range of competencies, technologies

Java stack
Java 11, Java 17, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Security, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, JPA, Hibernate, QueryDSL, Lombok, RabbitMQ, RESTful, OpenAPI, JSON, JWT, Maven, Gradle, Docker

PHP stack
PHP 8.x, Symfony 4.4, 5.x, API Platform, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Doctrine, TWIG, Redis, Composer, PHP Unit

Node stack
MongoDB, Mongoose, Express, Koa, Mocha, Chai

VueJS, NuxtJS, SCSS, Node.js, REST API, JSON, HTML, Webpack, ES6, JavaScript, CSS, Buefy, ReactJS

AI engineering
GenAI APIs (OpenAI ChatGPT-3.5, ChatGPT-4, Vision), Voice APIs (Eleven Labs TTS, Whisper STT), Open Source LLM models (LLama2, Mistral), Vector Databases (PineCone, Milvus) Custom GenAI applications (Langchain, LLamaIndex, AutoGPT), Custom Models (Tensorflow, PyTorch), Python, AI Devops


AWS, Docker, Gitlab CI, Ansible, Vagrant, Helm

Quality Assurance
White-Box Testing, Black-Box Testing, Performance Test, Regression Test, Usability Test, Test Automation, SOAP-UI, Selenium

Digital Product Design
UX/UI design, Styleguide, Prototyping, Figma, Axure, Research, Heuristic analysis, Usability testing, UX tracking, Analytics, Service design, Persona, Journey

Project and task management

Experience in several areas: portal development, web software development, webshop development, system integration

Several years of IT development experience in various areas

  • Setting up or re-launching commercial systems for large enterprises
  • eCRM and digital customer service frontend systems development with backend system integration and web technologies implementation
  • Development of integrated portal and portlet applications
  • Implementation of web-based supplier arrival systems for factories and logistics centres
  • In-house developed products: Logishop webshop, Career portal, Absenteeism registry, Archivator, Truck Tracking System
  • Provision of services covering the entire e-commerce ecosystem: B2C, B2B online store, mobile app, in-store digital solutions POS, store process digitalisation
Industrial automation: software solutions to increase production efficiency

Industrial automation: software solutions to increase production efficiency

Automation, the use of hardware and software solutions that replace or support human labour, is key to the competitiveness of manufacturing and production companies. Our services include the design and development of industrial control modules integrated with various IT systems, often with interfaces that allow data communication requiring unique encryption.

Web development FAQ

  •  What is IT web development?
    Web development can include the development of a wide range of different types and functions of websites and web applications, web apps. Here are some examples: corporate websites, enterprise multisites, portals, internal use web software, landing pages, online stores, SPAs, APIs.
  • When to choose custom web development?
    The benefits of custom web development
    > Unique design, customised to your branding, content
    > Customizable features 
    > Integration with external services
    > Security
    > Scalability, further development
    > SEO-friendly design
    > Smoother integration with external business systems
    > Offer a unique user experience
    > Fully owned, giving you greater flexibility and independence 
  • What is frontend development, backend development and why is it necessary?
    Frontend development concerns the part of a website/web application that users directly see and experience in their browser. It is necessary to provide users with a visually appealing, intuitive and interactive interface. Its pillars are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Different frameworks are often used in frontend development, such as React, Vue.js, or Angular. 
    Backend development works in the "background": it is responsible for storing and processing data and communicating with the frontend. It is needed because it provides the basis for the application to work, such as data storage, security, and user account management. Some of the technologies used by backend development include PHP, Java, Kotlin, NodeJS, Python, Ruby.
  • How much does web development, and website creation cost?
    The cost of web development varies widely, depending on the type of project, the technologies used, the complexity of the development, the development of special features, integrations with other business systems, the need for security certifications, etc. In addition to the cost of development, it is also worth considering the cost of maintenance and operation after the system is up and running. 
    The cost of simple website development can be around a few hundred thousand forints, while more complex web developments can cost in the range of millions to tens of millions of dollars. 
  • How long does it take to build a website?
    The time required for web development depends on several factors, from the complexity of the project, the built-in features, the design, the technologies used, the integrations, and the testing phase required.
  • What are the steps of web development?
    > Information gathering, planning
    > Specification creation
    > UX/UI Design
    > Development
    > Testing
    > Development
  • Why is it important to write a specification?
    A specification clearly defines the project goals, requirements and expectations, ensuring that everybody understands the project requirements. It helps to properly estimate resources, budget and time. 
    The specification details functionality, and design requirements; if changes are required during the project, the specification can be used as a reference.
  • What does MVP mean?
    MVP stands for "Minimum Viable Product". The MVP contains only the most important and necessary features and is designed to get quick feedback from users on the functionality and usability of the product. It makes sense to start with an MVP if the company wants to get to market quickly - this may be as necessary for start-ups (e.g. fintech, medtech) as for enterprises.  
    The MVP also provides an opportunity to test the usability of the product, to quickly assess market needs and to identify the direction of further development.  
    It is also ideal for a limited budget, as it allows the business to focus on the most important functions and to implement future enhancements.

    >> Why use MVP for software development? Learn more in our article.
  • What are the most commonly used software development technologies?
    LogiNet has significant knowledge of React, Angular and Vue.js, which are the most popular front-end technologies. The CSS frameworks we use include Bootstrap, Tailwind, Bulma.
    Most of our backend developers use PHP, Java, Kotlin, and NodeJS technologies to manage data storage, data retrieval, and database connectivity, but we also have expertise in other backend development technologies such as Python, Ruby on Rails, Go, and .NET.

    >> Learn about the technologies used in LogiNet frontend and backend development.
  • Why are software integration solutions important?
    Web development is increasingly focused on integrating more and more specific services such as payment systems, analytics and user management to provide users with a more complete and comprehensive experience. Integration solutions enable companies to make data and functionality easily accessible and usable across their different systems.
  • Why is maintenance and support important after web development?
    Maintenance and operations are not just about "keeping the website or application alive", it is an ongoing service to ensure the security, reliability, relevance and value of the product for users.
    Regular maintenance and monitoring ensure that systems are working properly and that any problems can be detected in time, the latest security flaws and vulnerabilities corrected and attacks prevented.
    As browsers and operating systems are constantly updated, maintenance ensures that the website or application remains compatible with new versions and technologies.
    Maintenance can be used to add new features or modify existing ones to ensure that the website or web application continues to meet user needs and provide an optimal customer experience.

    >> Learn about LogiNet's maintenance and support services.
  • Why your company needs to outsource web development?
    Outsourcing (IT contracting) can benefit your company in several ways. Web development can be outsourced when a company lacks the right expertise, has short deadlines, or is planning a one-off, more complex or specialised project that does not make sense to develop its resources and infrastructure. Hiring external developers allows you to adapt to changing needs and project sizes without making long-term commitments. Outsourcing resources can also reduce risk, bring in external developers to bring in new ideas and perspectives that your internal team might not have considered, and allow you to focus solely on your core business. It also makes spending more predictable.

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