AI Business Process Optimization Solutions

AI Business Process Optimization Solutions
Optimise your business processes with AI tools to improve your business results and efficiency. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not to fear for companies but to use it correctly. Business leaders are aware of this. They would like to make the most of the potential of generative AI, but without the right knowledge and skills, they cannot. With LogiNet's AI Business Process Optimization Solutions service, you can make your company's processes more efficient with AI tools in up to 4 weeks.
What is generative AI?

What is generative AI?

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field of technologies that can generate new data, content or even completely new things. A generative AI system learns from data and patterns and then uses them to create something new based on the original patterns and data.

Generative AI can be used in a wide variety of fields, such as image and sound generation, text generation, or even music and video creation.

Its application opens up opportunities that companies previously hoped for but never got from traditional digitisation.

With the right use of AI, for the first time in the history of digitalisation, the technology is working for you.

Who should use AI Business Process Optimization Solutions?

Who should use AI Business Process Optimization Solutions?

It's no coincidence that AI is said to be the next stage of digitalisation. AI can be applied by members of any sector looking to meaningfully improve their business efficiency, from financial services to healthcare, education, retail and agriculture. AI can be embedded in every business process, from marketing to finance and HR.

Artificial Intelligence can automate 60-70% of workers' activities

Artificial Intelligence can automate 60-70% of workers' activities

Generative Artificial Intelligence is predicted by McKinsey experts to have a significant impact on workflows, with the potential to automate 60-70% of workers' activities. This is up from previous predictions of around 50%.

The increase is due to the increasing ability of generative AI to understand the natural language that is required for work activities. This also means that it will have a greater impact on professions with higher wages and skill requirements. Current estimates suggest that around half of current jobs could be automated between 2030 and 2060.

In what areas can AI optimise your business?

  • Artificial Intelligence allows you to automate more tasks, freeing up manpower. For example, chatbots, automated customer service systems, and robotic process automation (RPA) can help reduce the time spent on administration.
  • AI can also help companies process the large amount of data they receive, helping them to make more accurate decisions and better understand customer needs.
  • AI can help predict certain events and trends, allowing the company to react to changes promptly
  • AI-based production, logistics or inventory management systems contribute to a more efficient use of resources.
  • AI can help automate marketing tasks such as lead generation, content creation and social media management.
  • For customer service, AI can improve the customer experience. Technologies such as chatbots can help streamline workflows, respond faster to customer requests and proactively anticipate customer needs.
Why choose LogiNet as your AI consulting partner?

Why choose LogiNet as your AI consulting partner?

  • Appropriate technological knowledge, and experience. We are currently working on several AI projects at LogiNet, with which we are gaining additional experience. Our professional digitalisation consultants and IT experts assess your business processes and identify problems.
  • We support management decision preparation. We provide quick assistance in preparing management decisions. We provide a service that puts 2-5 actionable use cases on the CEO's desk within 1 month, ensuring faster and more efficient workflows.
  • We propose a tailor-made solution. If your company already has a specific problem or activity where AI can be of great help, we can quickly assess and analyse the process and propose a feasible AI application to solve exactly that.
  • Out-of-the-box thinking. If your company is not yet aware of how it can take advantage of advances in technology but is keen to move forward, we can map and identify processes where AI can improve efficiency.
  • AI knowledge transfer, education. Our experts will provide you with targeted advice to help you progress step by step. We provide you with information, experience and use cases on AI and related tools through training sessions, so you can learn how AI can help you solve your challenges.

Our AI-based service

1. Understanding the business objective and defining the cooperation framework

Understanding the business objective.

Defining the rules and options for cooperation: In the next session, the consultancy team will come up with a proposal, including the constraints and aspects to be taken into account during the consultancy project (e.g. budget, timeframe, technology constraints, etc.). This will help to manage the progress and to ensure that the communication between the consultancy team and the client is clear about the business objectives and the framework of the consultancy project.

2. Online or face-to-face training: how AI in business processes makes operations more efficient (1 session)

In interactive workshops, we will jointly develop the concept of how AI can optimise and improve processes in the business. You will learn about the concept and research we use to explore how AI can transform business processes, and identify the areas where you want to use AI and the goals you want to achieve with it.

3. Survey and identification of typical use cases (2-4 sessions)

Detailed assessment of the company's selected business process, identification of pain points, and factors that hamper efficiency.

4. Development of possible solutions, specification

Develop a tailored AI strategy for the company, covering current challenges and how AI can be seamlessly integrated into the company's operations.

5. Presentation of project ideas (2-5 items)

The company will be provided with 2-5 feasible use cases with detailed data.

6. Develop MVP project plans from the chosen idea

Demonstration and presentation of the selected use case in a demo to the CEO.

7. Subsequent MVP or final software development project implementation

Proof of Concept (PoC) for the solution of the selected problem. PoC improves the probability of successful implementation. This includes defining the success indicators of the project: how to measure the increase in efficiency.

Applied AI tools

Applied AI tools

  • LLM (Large Language Model) tools: OpenAI ChatGPT 3.5, ChatGPT 4, Google Gemini, Anthropic Claude, etc.
  • OpenSource LLM tools: LLama, Mistral, Mixtral
  • TTS (Text To Speech) tools: ElevenLabs, Microsoft Azure TTS, Google Cloud TTS
  • STT (Speech To Text) tools: Whisper, AssamblyAI
  • Computer Vision tools: ChatGPT Vision, Google Gemini
  • Image generation: Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, (My)Midjourney
  • Developer tools, frameworks: TensorFlow, Pytorch, ONNX, Keras, CUDA, JAX
Our successful AI projects

Our successful AI projects: USA client - AI-based support for customer service work

Company activity: sales and marketing customer support with many chat-enabled customer service agents.

Projects designed after consultation:

  • Chat assistant that generates relevant answers to customer questions.
  • Categorize customers based on chat history.
  • Automatic categorization and prioritization of inbox based on incoming customer chat messages.

Our results:

  • 55% more messages can be processed by a customer service agent, and efficiency increased by 41%.
  • Customer service agents read only relevant messages.
  • Cases that need quick help are identified more accurately and handled faster.

Time from idea to the finished solution: 12 weeks

Our successful AI projects: Automatic data upload for Unicatalog startup

Our successful AI projects: Automatic data upload for Unicatalog startup

Company activity: browse promotions and set up action alerts in Unicatalog's app, Action Hunter.

Projects designed after consultations:

  • Automatic segmentation of customers.
  • Loading promotional catalogues with AI-based image processing.

Our results:

  • Uploading of products has increased 4x faster.
  • Due to this, the previous team of 5 people was replaced by 1 person.
  • Costs have been reduced by 75%.
  • The work is no longer data entry, but data verification.
  • The accuracy of the data in the application has improved significantly.

Time from idea to finished solution: 8 weeks.


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