Mobile application development

Mobile application development
LogiNet provides high-quality mobile application development services to its customers. We have significant experience in new custom mobile app development, improvement of existing mobile apps, refactoring to scale mobile apps, mobile shopping app development and loyalty app development. Our professional experts are familiar with many technologies: native iOS and Android app development with Kotlin, Swift technology, and cross-platform solutions with Flutter technology. We can help augment your team with skilled specialists in app development.
Our mobile application design and development will help grow your company
What mobile application development cases can we solve?
  • Mobile shopping app development: as a retailer, you have a webshop and planning to launch a new online sales channel through a mobile app.
  • Loyalty app development: as a merchant with a store network, you want to create a loyalty card app for your existing customers, with points collection.
  • Custom mobile development: as a startup or large enterprise, you need a completely tailored mobile digital product.
  • Improvement of existing mobile app:
    • Refactoring to scale your existing code base to the most modern programming language
    • Migrating an existing mobile application into the most optimal cross-platform or native technologies.
  • IT Staff Augmentation Services. Whether you need a single employee or an entire team, we can provide you with highly qualified mobile app developers.
What mobile application development technologies do we use?

Our mobile development experts create Android, iOS and cross-platform solutions, and their technologies and frameworks include Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter.

Learn more about the mobile technologies we use.

You can build a standalone native app that must be downloaded from an app
Native mobile apps: iOS development, Android development

The term native mobile app development refers to building a mobile app exclusively for a single platform, i.e. either Android or iOS. If a company wants to develop an app for both platforms, it has to do it separately for Android and iOS, with different programming languages and code bases.

In the case of native app development, the programming language officially released for that mobile platform will be used:

  • For Android: Android, Kotlin, Java, Android Studio, Android SDK
  • For iOS: Swift, UIKit, Storyboards, XCode, CocoaPods, RxSwift, Cocoa Touch
By having an our mobile app you can open a sales platform with innovative solutions on your users’ mobile phones
Cross-platform mobile application development

With cross-platform app development, code is written only once and the same code can be used on multiple platforms (iOS, Android).

The frameworks we use for them (such as our Flutter) are quite popular these days.

Learn more about the benefits of native and cross-platform mobile solutions.

The benefits of a mobile shopping app for your business
The benefits of a mobile shopping app for your business

Providing more services. An app for users who use mobile 4-5 hours a day brings another stage of development for your company. The app can start with a small functionality (loyalty app only, in the form of a digital loyalty card), which can be expanded with additional services and shop functionality later on, depending on the growth of the number of people downloading the app and their activity.

Fast, convenient shopping: the app is faster than a webshop opened in mobile view. The app is faster than the mobile app, which is faster than the mobile app. Shopping can be started on a laptop and completed in the app, even on the go. 

Digital loyalty card in the app: the loyalty card is always in the user's "pocket", meaning they prefer to use it, as well as the app's convenience features to encourage them to shop.

Push messages provide constant contact with customers, and the app helps to explore customers' habits in more detail.

Reach new target groups with the mobile app. With the app, you can reach new customer groups, and it can also have an impact not only on your online presence but also on your offline presence. 

Enhanced mobile customer experience. The app leverages the native features of your smartphone: you can build on the camera, scan QR codes, and bar codes, and use GPS data to offer solutions close to your location.

Omnichannel strategy for better customer service. The mobile app also makes it significantly easier to implement an omnichannel strategy, as customers can move seamlessly between online and offline channels. 

Favourable rating in stores. We develop an app that is tailored to the needs of our users. Positive feedback is reflected in mobile app ratings, leading to a further increase in downloads.

Why choose LogiNet for mobile app development?

We tailor the app to the user's needs. With fifteen years of e-commerce and mobile development experience, we apply solutions and best practices in app development that help your business grow.

Mobile app development step by step. LogiNet covers the entire process of app development, which enables us to provide a quality service tailored to the customer's needs: specification, development, UX design, testing, post-development operations, administration and support, and priority customer service.

Expert team. Our team of experienced mobile developers is familiar with a wide range of technologies (native iOS and Android, cross-platform), ensuring that we create an app tailored to your company's needs.

B2B, B2C business approach. We develop mobile apps for both B2B and B2C business models, allowing your company to sell to your target audience in an optimized way.

We have clients from multiple sectors. Our mobile app references include telecom, FMCG, telecom, agri, and startup clients. Check out our clients!

We think in an ecosystem. We believe in the product ecosystem. In the current market environment, no product can exist on its own, be it a mobile app or a B2C webshop, so we believe it is important to ensure their integration.

Learn more about us, how we work, how we help our customers grow online!
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