IT support & maintenance

IT support & maintenance
For the success and growth of your business, it is essential that your e-commerce website and software are running smoothly and can keep up with the pace of growth. At LogiNet, we help our customers grow: we provide reliable support for any upcoming issues, and you can count on us for major developments. No one to turn to in case of a systems error? Do you want problems solved quickly? Do you need to improve your e-commerce site? Unsure which server provider to choose? Our support and administration maintenance services will ensure that your e-commerce platform can continue to support the development of your business.
What is included in the support service?

In addition to bug fixes, our e-commerce support service allows you to keep your system up to date with changes in the business environment, industry standards and to implement your minor or major development needs.

You can contact the project manager (dedicated contact person) responsible for this area by phone or e-mail. Your error ticket tracking is transparent, the process is traceable, and we keep complete IT documentation for each client. All notifications and issues are managed and recorded (LogiNet uses Jira case manager).

Our online customer service is available through our ticketing system. Tickets can be submitted at any time and are dealt with and answered by our customer service staff between 9:00-17:30 on working days.

In addition to the standard 8/5 support, our customers have the option to request advanced availability, such as 12/7 or 24/7 support.

The tasks of the support team
What are the tasks of the support team?
  • Error fixes
  • Minor and major development tasks, projects
  • Providing momentary assistance, helping to move a project forward
  • Assisting in the case of uncertainty in program use or information retrieval problems
  • Define and agree on a bug description (for a more precise delimitation)
  • Identifying the scale of the issue or need for improvement, providing information on the possible direction of actions
  • Provide information on the status of ongoing business problems and developments
1. Basic support - maintenance package

Occasional development + support

  • The "Basic support package" is recommended for small and medium-sized enterprises who typically want to implement minor changes on an ongoing basis, with major development needs arising on an occasional, project basis.
  • One support manager is responsible for several medium projects.
  • The contact is typically occasional, depending on the client's needs.
  • It may be complemented by maintenance and administration services.
2. VIP - Enterprise support - maintenance package

Continuous development + support, continuous contact, dedicated customer management

  • The "VIP - Enterprise support package" is recommended for large enterprises where e-commerce is a competitive advantage, constantly improving to achieve the best user experience. Conversion growth is the driving force, so they need continuous development and support.
  • One support manager per project (dedicated customer management).
  • There is the possibility to implement continuous development needs, projects are driven by a dedicated in-house development team.
  • Contact is continuous and regular.
  • It may be complemented by maintenance and administration services.
The support and maintenance services of LogiNet
Why choose LogiNet for the support and maintenance of your e-commerce platform?

It helps to solve problems more efficiently if the company asks LogiNet to maintain and operate the webshop at the same time. In the case of errors, the flow of in-house information is much faster and there are no coordination problems when dealing with the necessary tasks.

By choosing the LogiNet maintenance service, the company's server is under constant supervision and you can contact us in case of problems. We will help you choose the right hosting provider and offer a tailor-made solution for the company.

Here are tasks of the team responsible for maintenance
What are the tasks of the team responsible for maintenance?
  • Installing server services
  • Updating the server operating system and server environment
  • Install security updates
  • Performing the necessary configuration of server software
  • Running the monitoring system
  • 24/7 system monitoring
  • In critical cases administrative hotline and error handling
  • Technical support for installed applications
  • Application installation tasks
  • Perform DNS configuration
  • Management of SSL certificates
Hosting providers: Hetzner Cloud, Amazon, Google Cloud, and Azure products.
On which criteria do we recommend a hosting provider?

Shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) or cloud-based web hosting? To choose a hosting provider, we take into account several criteria ( anticipated traffic, hosting needs, geographical exposure), monitor the services available on the market and recommend the best price/value solution to our clients.

We have significant experience in cloud-based solutions with Hetzner Cloud, Amazon, Google Cloud, and Azure products

Maintenance service packages

1. Basic infrastructure maintenance option

Recommended for companies with low expected usage of the developed application (number of visitors, number of transactions) and where the system operation does not require a custom environment.

2. Pro infrastructure maintenance option

Recommended for companies with medium to high expected usage of the developed application.

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