Hamburger Hungaria Truck Tracking System

LogiNet’s Truck Tracking System ensures continuous and balanced shipment of paper for Hamburger Hungaria Ltd.

Hamburger Hungaria is a waste paper recycling company that handles 1,800 tons a day and employs LogiNet’s Truck Tracking System as a tool to ensure continuous and balanced shipment of waste paper.

For Hamburger Hungaria Ltd., a balanced allocation of wastepaper is extremely important for the continuous operation of the factory. Unmatched supply, sometimes crowded and chaotic conditions, occasional lack of supply, depended on changes in the price of waste paper. There was a problem with the lack of on-site control and with the outside weighing system data that was recorded manually. As a solution, our Truck Tracking System delivered a timeslot, just-in-time truck call system.

The system was integrated with balance software and implemented a serial line, outdoor display board control. The system has a PC based terminal through which drivers can signal their arrival to the front desk staff.

Main functions, solutions:

  • balanced traffic
  • predictable capacities
  • traceable processes
  • identification of accurate and inaccurate suppliers