LogiNet team helps Graphisoft in Android development

IT outsource service for BIMx mobile app development

Graphisoft continues to leverage the outstanding expertise of LogiNet professionals to develop the ArchiCAD architectural design software. Besides web solutions, it also collaborates with the company's developers for mobile projects (BIMx mobile app)


LogiNet's collaboration with Graphisoft started in 2014: we participated in Graphisoft's product development as web developers.

Graphisoft created the BIMx program, which allows users to interactively explore 3D models of ArchiCAD architectural plans and their associated floor plans, sections and facades. The iOS-based BIMx mobile app, which helps to visualise 2D and 3D architectural models, was developed by Graphisoft's in-house developers, while the Android-based app was developed by an outsource team of LogiNet.


For the development of the BIMx Android app (August 2019 - October 2020), LogiNet initially provided three and then two Android senior developers who " replicated" the iOS-based app to Android, including the design part, in active collaboration. One person is currently working on the development of the project that has emerged in the meantime.

LogiNet's outsource team worked closely with Graphisoft's development team. The benefits of the outsource service were evident in the project, with LogiNet's specialists providing skills (Android development) that complemented those of Graphisoft's development team.


The results of Graphisoft's collaboration with LogiNet are visible in the growing popularity of the BIMx program. 

BIMx acts as a bridge between client and architect: easy movement and navigation in 3D space allow for a playful but professional walk around of plans.

The program is not only useful during meetings and presentations, clients can download it themselves, so they not only see the latest plans when they have a meeting but also receive updated models much more often. They can share their comments more frequently with architects (chat function), which can lead to a smoother, faster design process.

IT outsource service for Graphisoft

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