Vodafone Hungary online store

LogiNet provided complex solutions in redesigning the Vodafone webshop

The developers of LogiNet - having been actively involved in the operation and development tasks of the Vodafone Hungary webshop in recent years - efficiently and quickly redesigned the existing structures and offered current IT solutions to our client.

A focus on the highlighted user experience

Our company has been a reliable partner of Vodafone for many years: their webshop, developed and supported by our team, received a major update after more than four years – meaning both surface and functional transformations. During the project, we created a design-driven development that focused on the user experience, taking into account the needs of the integrated technology provider.

We worked on the project for over eight months: junior and senior developers were assisted by the specialists and designers from 22.design company. The presence of the testers enabled continuous monitoring, efficient and transparent administration, and quality assurance processes.

Following the launch in late 2018, users quickly became accustomed to the new platform. Our team provided complex solutions in redesigning the webshop – feedback was extremely positive given Vodafone customers liked the redesigned menu structure and utilized the new product filters and features. Vodafone's webshop is both a virtual store and customer service page: visitors to the site, in addition to purchasing equipment and accessories, modify their contract, join a fleet, and find answers to many questions.

Smooth integration with backend systems

The easy-to-use display of the domestic webshop for this multinational company, with mobile services in twenty-five countries, was an important assignment for LogiNet. The enormous amount of data – customer-chosen tariffs, related devices and supplementary services – meant thousands of settings and combinations for our developers; yet, integration with Vodafone's backend systems was problem-free and seamless. Our team developed a working system to handle different types of data and possible cases, and also provided quick searches for data.

During the project, our developers worked in eight phases; working out the specifications expected and demanded an agile approach, outstanding adaptation, and a very high level of technological knowledge. One of the many benefits of the new webshop is the introduction of multi-stage filters: shoppers can search for their new mobile device based on manufacturer, device price, and new features. The display of the devices became clearer with instant, no-click representations of consumer-relevant information. Mobile ordering became much clearer to users and the bottom menu bar was redesigned to provide direct access to social media interfaces.

We are proud to have been able to work with Vodafone again, and we trust that the user-friendly interface of the new system may contribute to the company's continued success.