Who do we recommend it for?

Who do we recommend it for?

A mobileshop application, in addition to an existing webshop, can typically be relevant in sectors where active app usage can simplify or accelerate day-to-day orders. The mobile shop app can also take advantage of the native features of the mobile device (eg camera, location), thus significantly enhancing the customer experience.

Developing an application is a major competitive advantage in both the B2B and B2C sectors for medium and large companies who aim to digitize their loyalty program with a strong customer base and that have a significant number of regular, recurring customers. It is important that the number of mobile customers is above 50% for the businesses concerned, and if the younger generation plays a key role in the target group, then a mobile app is definitely worth considering.

Main Functions

Main Functions

Functions can be relatively flexibly retrieved from the base product as required or additional custom elements can be built on them.


  • Registration/login platform, that like a webshop, indicates a need for registration
  • Home page features: banners, carousel, special offers, featured products, recently viewed
  • Categories: unlimited categories and subcategories, category crawling, browsing
  • Constructed product lists: predefined and customizable product lists (eg Christmas offers)
  • Product lists customized for clients
  • Products and prices: unlimited number of products, various packaging supported (units, kgs, pallets)
  • Product variants: unique prices, SKU, sales and stock for each variant
  • Prices and promotions: manage prices and promotions, show unit price, highlight discounts, manage coupons
  • Search: display search suggestions, manage popular searches on the webshop, and manage local search history
  • Item number reader: read the item number using the camera, item number (ean) based search engine
  • Filtering: use price, name, or brand as a filtering and sorting parameter
  • Shopping cart and checkout: shopping cart main feature, payment method and shipping method steps, pre-purchase summary page, successful order page, credit line check step
  • Credit card payment: manage credit card payments, save card, load credit card with biometric identification
  • Payment methods: credit card, bank transfer, cash, paypal; turn certain methods on and off for specific customers
  • My orders: view pending orders and previous orders, reorder quickly
  • Favorites, lists: highlight your favorite products, plus unlimited wish lists and shopping lists
  • Push messages: receive and display push messages
  • Location determination: in-store functions (eg product location search) 
  • Biometric authentication: use biometric authentication to log in and/or use a saved credit card
  • Analytics: track the usage and operation of your mobileshop, view conversions, integrate Firebase


  • Check credit in the backend system during checkout, your own prices in the webshop, authorized products on the webshop
  • Your own payment terms


  • Content management: edit mobileshop contents, banners, category images, asf, etc.
  • Analytics: summary of visits, conversions, orders, push activity statistics; detailed statistics in the Google Firebase system
  • Configurations: allows you to control settings on configurations
  • Users and devices: list of mobile users and access to view their data
  • User target groups 
  • based on purchase data: frequent customer, high-purchase value customers, increasingly infrequent purchases, etc.
  • based on app usage: customers who use the app frequently, have been using the app for a long time, who recently joined, etc.


  • Send push notifications to predefined segments; send product lists, products, coupons, custom texts
  • Automated notifications by target group
  • Abandoned shopping cart notifications
  • Purchase your favorite product on sale
  • Send product lists, products, coupons, custom text
  • System notifications
  • Order status change
Lead time

Lead time

 2-3 months

Applicable areas

Applicable areas


b2b app, fmcg app, telco app, marketplace app, sales tool, calculator

Integration with other systems

Integration with other systems


Perfect integration with the most popular webstore platforms: Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce

Read more about the product

Read more about the product

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Our application is available for the native iOS and Android systems utilizing the best programming languages on their given platforms.

  • Kotlin is Google’s most widely supported programming language in the Android ecosystem, and it is constantly improving according to the newest technological needs and possibilities.
  • Swift is the iOS platform’s most modern programming language which Apple launched in 2014, and it has been improving and expanding ever since then.

The mobile shop application connects to the backend of the webshop through middleware, while the application and the middleware communicate with the help of an API. We ensure an SDK in the development of the middleware so software developers may quickly and easily implant the necessary functions into the backend for the mobile shop.


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