LogiNet developed a carrer portal for the Budapest Sewage Works Ltd.

The Career Portal is assisting both job applicants and the Budapest Sewage Works. Applicants can easily apply and follow the selection process. The Budapest Sewage Works has the flexibility to manage the hiring process automatically and filtered by individual or position.

Among our references, the development of this human resources support system based on our career portal solution was a true novelty for us: the recruitment process requires transparent management of many different user decisions, both for job applicants and HR staff. Thus, we assisted the work of the Budapest Sewage Works with the development of our own module, LogiGrid, which is responsible for the orderly display of database contents.

Through the public platform of, developed over a ten-month period, jobseekers can utilize the help of user-friendly filters (eg. by position, field, location) to select the application that is relevant to them and easily submit their application and upload their CV. The system also offers the opportunity for registration, which provides many benefits for applicants, such as marking favorite positions, as well as being added to a database that the HR staff can choose from at any time.

The user experience is enhanced by, among other things, easy use, social media account login, and slide-in notification panels. The security of the applicant data is a high priority; for instance, we built a feature into the system that monitors users' activity over time and notifies them accordingly.

Along the process, which ended in October 2018, our team developed a number of solutions that make the tasks of HR and back-office work easier by automating it into a few phases. The java-based CMS system is a unique LogiNet development that addresses several key points in the process — such as position changes, interview times, sending recommendations, etc.— and notifies applicants by automated message. The daily work of back-office colleagues is supported by a streamlined, functional administration interface, various listing and organizing applications, and modifiable templates. Managing applications in a single database can contribute to the selection of the best potential employees, and the system allows users to manage multiple databases jointly.

Our team implemented the development through the waterfall model, and experienced developers were assisted by UX and UI specialists, project managers, and testers. Testing was extremely important to us because of the notifications associated with the various phases of the HR process, the handling of sensitive data, and the complex backend.

Budapest Sewage Works Zrt. — Hungary's largest domestic environmental, sewerage, and wastewater service provider — is pleased with the new portal, and sent positive feedback on the transparent and easy-to-use system designed for the entire HR process.
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