Main functions
Main functions
  • Manage users, access-permission, profile data
  • Send notifications to registered users and applicants
  • Send notifications regarding the status of the hiring process to HR staffers and applicants
  • System notification overview platform for each user
  • Job database: job description template
  • Monitor the status of HR recruitment processes, ensure statuses throughout the entire process
  • Incoming applicants
  • Long list, short list, yet to be interviewed
  • Offer, accept, and reject the applicant’s position


group messaging can only be used for pre-collected application flows for each position


when applying for a position, the user declares whether their data can be kept if they are not selected for the position


Essentially enables you to create end-pages similar to jobs. The contents of these can be specified in the HTML editor interface. The editor interface has a preview function that allows you to view the page being created according to “real” appearance rules without making it public.

Lead time
Lead time

1-3 months

Applicable areas
Applicable areas


We recommend this recruitment support system to any medium or large company whose labor shortages make daily operations difficult.



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