Logishop webshop versions and expected new features

Follow the continuous development of the Logishop webshop!

The Logishop webshop is constantly being developed and maintained by our product development team, ensuring development and competitive advantage for our customers.

Logishop's product features are extended, modified and updated with innovative solutions and integrations in line with market demand and e-commerce legislation. Preventive patching (maintenance) of the Logishop platform is also continuous, including system updates, corrections of emerging software bugs, version upgrades, etc. These services are available to our customers as part of our support service package.

The functional solutions that are completed and added to the product, and the current version number used in sales can be tracked on this interface

Most recently released Logishop webshop version: 2024.1
Latest technical version numbers of the product: 3.17
Release date: 17.03.2024.
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Expected new features

New features coming up in the next 6 months

  • PSI optimisation
  • Product list MVP1
  • ERP API + middleware + Admin API
  • PSI Modifications

Released versions

2024.1 Logishop webshop version | 17.03.2024.

  • Implementation of more valuable ENUM parameters: The ENUM parameter in the online store has been extended, so it is now possible to select more values.
  • MPL Csomagpont integration and order export: E-commerce stores are now able to integrate with MPL Csomagpont and this option is now available as a possible delivery option in e-commerce stores.
  • Google Consent Mode: cookie pop-up changes: Cookie pop-ups can now be turned off in the administration interface of online stores if the customer wants to use a third-party Cookie Management Platform.
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2023.4 Logishop webshop version | 02.11.2023

  • Promotional prices (display the lowest price of the last 30 days correctly): In case of a promotion or price change, two different prices are displayed: the original price and the discounted price
  • Language version of CMS: Multilingualisation of content in the system
  • Currency management: When ordering from the online store, customers can choose from 34 different currencies
  • Documents available for download: The Downloadable Documents page in the user interface displays a table of the documents in the system, which can be images or other types of documents
  • B2C and B2B separation: B2C and B2B, B2C, and B2B decoupling allow you to create three different types of online stores, each store displaying only the features designed for them
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2023.3 Logishop webshop version | 21.09.2023

  • Add product list to rich text content: Allows you to assign any product list to any rich text content
  • Offer from the admin interface: New offer feature from the admin interface/request for B2B partner from the user interface
  • Change login email address: Login email address can be changed on the user profile page
  • Product model: Link products using product model
  • Admin interface search box: Easier searching in the admin interface, using the search box
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2023.2 Logishop webshop version | 13.06.2023

  • Order of payment methods: From the admin interface you can set the payment methods and their order for each delivery method
  • List sorting logic: Allows you to set the order of the products displayed in each product and search results list
  • Stock notification: Users can request notification when a product is back in stock or to pre-order
  • Editing social icons from admin interface: Editing and placing social icons in the webshop interface.
  • Structured provision of product data to Google: allows for higher SEO ranking of variant end pages.
  • Consolidation of product image access and alt tag value: Improve SEO ranking of product images with automatic alt tag completion.
  • Product list filter value ordering: Allows ordering of filters displayed on the product list page.
  • Speed optimisation developments: Mobile and desktop pages load significantly faster. These speed improvements not only result in better SEO rankings for pages, but also improve the user experience and reduce bounce rates.
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2023.1 Logishop webshop version | 15.02.2023.

  • Order page for anonymous users: Order summary page for non-logged-in customers.
  • GLS home delivery and parcel point integration: direct connection between GLS and Logishop.
  • Export and import of product lists and variant lists: bulk compilation and updating of admin interface lists via XLS import.
  • Abandoned cart notification: possibility to send a reminder e-mail in case of an abandoned cart.
  • Improved admin menu appearance: more transparent drop-down menus in the admin interface.
  • B2B user's custom price list download: custom price lists downloadable from B2B partner interface.
  • Expired invoice notification: warning bar in B2B partner interface for expired invoices.
  • Optimization of admin interface areas: compact, easy-to-view list view with optimized filters in the admin interface.
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3.6 Logishop webshop version | 15.12.2022

  • Bug fixes, software optimisation, ensuring code-level stability and strengthening compliance with security policies.

3.5 Logishop webshop version | 10.11.2022

  • Bug fixes, software optimisation, ensuring code-level stability and strengthening compliance with security policies.

3.4 Logishop webshop version | 02.11.2022.

  • GDPR data management improvements.
  • Price archiving: this feature allows you to instantly retrieve and display the price history used in the webshop.
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3.3 Logishop webshop version | 02.09.2022

  • Basic parameters - Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook pixel, Tag manager. In the admin interface, the options for adding Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook pixel, Tag manager metrics have been extended, new tracking code support has been added and out-of-the-box conversion tracking is now available in the frontend.
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3.2 Logishop webshop version | 04.08.2022

  • Breadcrumb management and Canonical URL selection: breadcrumbs help visitors to navigate and find their way around. You can select the default, Canonical URL from a range of URLs pointing to one location.
  • Aggregated reviews and filtering by verified buyers: admin can choose a setting that allows all visitors or only verified buyers to write reviews, and can create a review aggregation for product variants.
  • Managing URLs from the admin interface: the URL management feature allows the admin to manage the redirections created in the webshop.
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3.1 Logishop webshop version | 01.07.2022

  • The Media Library is used to collect and display media content uploaded to the system.
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3.0 Logishop webshop version | 07.04.2022

  • The update of the Logishop webshop’s first major version clarified and standardised the directions for development, allowing an even smoother integration of new features. No longer used code fragments have been removed, thus improving the quality of the product’s codebase.
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1.20 Logishop webshop LTS version | 23.02.2022

  • Package offer: allows creating a package offer containing multiple product variants.
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1.19 Logishop webshop version | 16.12.2021

  • Cart gift: allows introducing a gift product when a specified shopping cart limit is reached.
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1.18 Logishop webshop version | 02.12.2021

  • Product Gift: Possibility to add additional gift products to the shopping cart when purchasing a specified product.
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1.17 Logishop webshop version | 18.11.2021

  • Product delivery discount: free delivery above a certain basket value.
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1.14 Logishop webshop version | 08.10.2021

  • Product upsell: Possibility to offer additional discounted products when adding certain products to your shopping cart.
  • Pop-up for accepting cookies
  • Cart upsell: Offer discounted products when cart limit is reached.
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1.12 Logishop webshop version | 10.09.2021

  • Display category tree in product filters: offers a simple overview of categories for the visitors of the webshop.
  • Product level discount: introduction of discount options for products or product lists.
  • Basket level discount: allows the admin to set a discount based on a basket limit amount.
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1.11 Logishop webshop version | 26.08.2021

  • Set and link delivery and payment methods: set and link customizable delivery and payment options.
  • Free-form quick search with instant results page and recommended products.
  • Enlarge images on the product end page: enlarged product images, full-screen viewing.
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1.10 Logishop webshop version | 29.07.2021

  • Colour parameter and collector colours: visual display of colour parameters on customer interfaces.
  • Substitute and related products: substitute and related products can be set and displayed in the shop interface on product end pages.
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1.5 Logishop webshop version | 23.04.2021

  • Dynamic containers: display dynamically updated content items on the webshop interface.
  • Create tags: content can be tagged and categorised more easily.
  • Dynamic lists: create automatically updated product lists by specifying a set of rules.
  • Search term log: log customer searches, display by segment, export results.
  • Search term report: based on the search term log, different report views can be implemented in the admin interface.
  • Synonym dictionary and misspelt keywords: synonym terms configurability, management of misspelt search terms.
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1.2 Logishop webshop version | 03.03.2021

  • Integration with price comparison sites.: Árukereső, Árgép, Olcsóbbat.hu
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1.1 Logishop webshop version | 25.02.2021

  • Multilingual shop and admin interface: possibility to offer multiple languages and site versions.
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Long Term Support (LTS)

Long Term Support version: the latest product version supported by LogiNet in the long term, based on the defined LTS lifecycle. The customer ordering Logishop is entitled to the latest Long Term Support version released during the product tracking period.

The latest LTS version: 1.20.17
Release date: 17.03.2024.
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