Logishop webshop version 3.1

New features and novelties in the Logishop webshop
Version number: 3.1
Release date: 01.07.2022


Media library

The Media library is used to collect and display media content uploaded to the system

The Media library collects and displays media content uploaded to the system. This functionality already existed in the webshop but has now been moved to the admin interface. The advantage of this is that a media file can be used in multiple places in the webshop interface and these media items can be organised.

In the Media Library, the admin can see a list of media items uploaded to the system, which can be of two types: image or file. The latter includes all content types that are not images. Content can be uploaded individually or in bulk and can be tagged for easy grouping. An important feature is that images can be accompanied by an alternative description, or alt tag, which helps to make them more accessible and also helps with search engine optimisation.

Content can be deleted from the media library individually or in groups using checkboxes. If the content has been assigned to one or more entities in the webshop, the system will warn the admin which features are affected by the deletion.

In each admin interface, the admin can insert previously uploaded images or files directly from the media library quick view, or upload them locally. In the latter case, the new content will be added to the media library. The Media Library Quick View is displayed in a modal, and its functionality and appearance are very similar to the Media Library in the Control Panel.

Locally uploaded media files are automatically tagged depending on where they were uploaded (e.g. variant image, category image). When cropping is applied, the original image is not modified, so you can change this setting individually for each location.

The admin can also paste media files into CKEditor from the media library quick view, but here, when using CKEditor, you will need to provide an individual alternative description for the images, as they are not automatically used from the media library.

Logishop: media library


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Long Term Support (LTS)

Long Term Support version: the latest product version supported by LogiNet in the long term, based on the defined LTS lifecycle. The customer ordering Logishop is entitled to the latest Long Term Support version released during the product tracking period.

The latest LTS version is 1.20.17
Release date: 17.03.2024.
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Latest released Logishop version: 2024.1
Latest technical version numbers of the product: 3.14, 3.15

Release date: 17.03.2024.
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