Logishop webshop version 1.10

New features and novelties in the Logishop webshop

Version number: 1.10
Release date: 29.07.2021


1. Colour parameter and collector colours

Colour parameters can also be displayed in the customer interface in the appropriate colour

A special enum type parameter, the colour parameter, has been introduced into the system. The colour parameter is an enum-like parameter to which you can assign a colour by entering a colour code or uploading an image. These colours can then be displayed in the variant selector on the product end page, if they are listed as a variant property.

The colour parameters created can be grouped into different collector colours, which are also created in the admin interface and can be added by entering a colour code or uploading an image. In the admin interface, the collection colours can be named in different languages.

These collection colours can appear in the product list filter in the user interface. When a collection colour is selected, the filtered view of the product list will show all variants that carry one of the colours classified under that collection colour.  Collective colours can be of help to web shops where the number of colours can make it difficult for the customer to filter products.

This can even simplify the customer's search where, for example, several shades of blue are listed in the parameter list. For example, "royal blue", "light blue", "dark blue" and "greenish blue" can all be classified under the "blue" collection colour, so that the customer can filter through all the blue products in the system with a single click.

Logishop: Colour parameters

Logishop: Colour parameters

2. Substitute and related products

Allows setting and displaying substitute and related products in the shop interface on product end pages.

With the substitute and related products feature, the admin can help the customer to complete their order or choose from other alternatives. The admin can set a product recommendation list at the bottom of the product end pages. The list will show substitute products if the product you are looking for is not in stock, and related products if the product you are looking for is in stock. (The substitute and related products feature only works for data from ERP).

From the substitute and related products list, you can add products to a basket, compare them or open their product end pages with a single click.

  • Dependency: data from ERP

Logishop: replacement products

Logishop: related products


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Long Term Support (LTS)

Long Term Support version: the latest product version supported by LogiNet in the long term, based on the defined LTS lifecycle. The customer ordering Logishop is entitled to the latest Long Term Support version released during the product tracking period.

The latest LTS version is 1.20.17
Release date: 17.03.2024.
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Latest released Logishop version: 2024.1
Latest technical version numbers of the product: 3.14, 3.15

Release date: 17.03.2024.
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