Logishop webshop version 3.2

New features and novelties in the Logishop webshop

Version number: 3.2
Release date: 04.08.2022


1. Breadcrumb management and Canonical URL selection

Breadcrumbs help visitors in navigating and finding their way around. The default setting, i.e. Canonical URL, can be selected from a list of URLs pointing to a single location

Breadcrumb management is used to ensure the uniform operation of the breadcrumbs used in the webshop. The purpose of the development, called Canonical URL, is to allow the admin to set which of the URLs associated with a given entity should be the canonical URL, i.e. the default URL that the webshop displays highlighted. 

The breadcrumb shows the path the user took to reach the page. The breadcrumb can be clicked backwards to take the user to a previous page. The breadcrumb is built from the URL, so the URL also follows the path to the page.

The variants in the webshop can be accessed from multiple URLs. The canonical URL is the collection URL of the entity, which also determines which URL is considered by search engines when multiple URLs are used. The canonical URLs are automatically set in the shop.

With the development, the Available URLs tab on the variant data sheets allows the admin to choose which of the existing URLs for the variant should be the default or canonical URL. If the URL is deleted for some reason, for example, the category is removed from the store, the variant's URL becomes the canonical URL until the admin chooses a new one.

Logishop: setting canonical URLs

2. Review aggregation and restriction to verified customer

Admin can configure whether all registered visitors or only verified customers can write reviews and allows you to aggregate reviews for product variations.

By updating the Reviews feature, a visitor can determine if each review is from a real customer. In addition, the admin can configure whether the reviews for each product variant under each product should be displayed separately or aggregated on the variant end page.

The Write Review function on the variant end page allows the logged-in user to rate the variant by adding a score or a text rating. The system displays whether the user who wrote the review has purchased the product or not. If the customer has purchased the variant, he/she can rate all the items of his/her order on a summary rating page after placing the order, which will be displayed with a verified customer mark on the variant end page.

In the administration interface, the admin can set the option to display only the reviews of the variant on the variant end page, or also the reviews of other variants of the variant's product. This is recommended for online stores where it would not make sense to rate variants separately, for example, different sizes of clothing.

In addition, the admin can also configure that only verified buyers can rate, or that a logged-in user can rate without purchasing.

Logishop: értékLogishop: aggregation of reviews and limitation to verified customerselések összevonhatósága és igazolt vásárlókra szűkítés

3. URL management from admin interface

The URL management feature allows the admin to manage the redirections created in the webshop.

The management of URLs has been focused on ensuring the transparency of links in the system. In the URL management interface in the admin interface, the admin can see all the redirects in the system listed and can edit or delete them one by one. You can also create a new redirect to assign any URL to entities in the webshop. New redirects can be added individually or in bulk by the admin.

Logishop: URL management from admin interface


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Long Term Support (LTS)

Long Term Support version: the latest product version supported by LogiNet in the long term, based on the defined LTS lifecycle. The customer ordering Logishop is entitled to the latest Long Term Support version released during the product tracking period.

The latest LTS version is 1.20.17
Release date: 02.11.2023.
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Latest released Logishop version: 2023.4
Latest technical version numbers of the product: 3.14, 3.15

Release date: 02.11.2023.
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