Logishop webshop version 2024.1

New features and novelties in the Logishop webshop
Version number: 2024.1
Technical versions of the product: 3.17
Release date: 17.03.2024.


1. Introduction of several valuable ENUM parameters

The ENUM parameter in the online store has been extended, so it is now possible to select more values, for example, the use can be for the garden or indoors at the same time.

The ENUM type parameter in the webshop has been extended, now allowing the selection of multiple values. Previously, only one value could be selected for ENUM parameters, such as size, whereas a variant could only have one size, for example, S or  36. This could be for example use: garden, indoors.

Logishop-webshop - The ENUM parameter has been extended

Logishop webshop - Introduction of several valuable ENUM parameters

2. MPL Csomagpont integration and order export

Online stores are now able to integrate with MPL Csomagpont and this option is now available as a shipping option in online stores. The relevant order data can be downloaded from the webshops and imported into MPL's Address Filler system, speeding up the postal home delivery process.

According to the regulation, which applies from 28 March 2024, all online stores in Hungary must provide the delivery methods offered by Magyar Posta Zrt., including Csomagpont (Parcel Point, Postal Post and Posta Point) and postal home delivery. To comply with the regulation, online shops can now integrate with MPL Csomagpont, which can be displayed in the online shop, and download the relevant order data, which can be imported into MPL's Address Filler software to speed up postal home delivery.
Logishop webshop - MPL Csomagpont integráció és rendelés export

In the Control Panel of the online store, it is possible to enable MPL integration, which activates the MPL Csomagpont and MPL Delivery shipping types. When enabled, the admin can create new delivery methods that correspond to the MPL Csomagpont and MPL Delivery types. Orders placed with these shipping methods will appear in the new Orders tab of the admin interface, called MPL Orders. Here, the admin can select which orders they want to export and then click on the Download Filter button to download the selected orders in .XLS format. This exported list can be easily imported into the Post Office's desktop application, Address Book Loader.

In the user interface, an embedded MPL Csomagpont map selector has been introduced in the Order Placement interface, which displays Package Points, Postal Points and Post Offices.
Logishop webshop - beágyazott térképes MPL Csomagpont választó

3. Google Consent Mode: cookie pop-up changes

In online stores, the cookie pop-up can now be turned off in the administration interface if the customer wants to use a third-party Cookie Management Platform. Third-party CMP integration is now always done through Google Tag Manager.

Google Consent Mode updates have further tightened the cookie acceptance rules and what information visitors share about themselves. To this end, the following improvements have been made.

From now on, the cookie pop-up in the web store can be disabled in the administration interface if the customer wishes to use a third-party Cookie Management Platform (CMP). Third-party CMP integration will now always be done through Google Tag Manager (GTM). If the admin still wants to use the system's cookie pop-up, he/she can enter the pop-up text and button link in the Control Panel / Cookie Management interface. It is important to note that the consent types set by Google are all disabled by default until they are collectively accepted by the visitor via the Accept button.
Logishop webshop - Google Consent Mode: Cookie pop-up változások


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Long Term Support (LTS)

Long Term Support version: the latest product version supported by LogiNet in the long term, based on the defined LTS lifecycle. The customer ordering Logishop is entitled to the latest Long Term Support version released during the product tracking period.

The latest LTS version is 1.20.17
Release date: 17.03.2024.
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Latest released Logishop version: 2024.1
Latest technical version numbers of the product: 3.14, 3.15

Release date: 17.03.2024.
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