Webshop content archiving tool handed over to Vodafone

Competitive advantage with authentic archiving, extra reporting tool, without compromising site speed

An innovative archiving tool can monitor not only your own or your competitors’ website and webshop. By incorporating suitable authentication you can minimise legal disputes, and all that without compromising the site’s or shop’s loading speed, even when saving large quantities of data. This is what we had in mind, when we created our new solution for Vodafone, our unique web archiving tool, tailored to the needs of the telecommunication company.

We support gaining competitive advantage on the telecommunication market by continuous IT developments

Our experts at LogiNet have been supporting Vodafone, the dominant telecommunication service provider on the domestic market in terms of IT developments for years. 5 years ago their webshop was launched as a LogiNet development, reworked by the end of 2018 by our team of developers and UX designers as part of another project. During our work, we have been focusing on enhancing the user experience. The hybrid surface built on the solutions of the Liferay portal- and framework system serves both as a customer service and webshop, where intelligent filtering functions support the shopping process.

Unique content archiving solution for the Vodafone webshop

This work has been carried on by our content archiving system with qualified timestamp authentication, which we have designed and developed tailored to our partner’s saving and reporting requirements. The development has been live on the page since May 2019. For the sake of fast software delivery and maximising client satisfaction, we have worked on the project following the agile methodology. The project progressed along smaller subtasks, and we incorporated the feedback received from our partner.

Besides fine-tuning the Liferay system a versatile, unique web archiving tool was born, which contains exactly the scope of functionality that is important for operating the Vodafone webshop. It includes the crawling function, which is essential for archiving, ensuring the mapping of the specific URL, saves and authentically archives all webshop content, which can be viewed, browsed and searched restored to its original state.

How can a web archiving tool ensure competitive advantage in business management?

1. Archives with authentic timestamp: easier management of client complaints and legal issues

Our web archiving development adds Microsec qualified timestamp to the content. This allows individual, credible authentication, which can unequivocally help in case of disputes about information or offers given. The solution also complies with the all the regulations about saving public content. The system is able to store contents for any period of time, and unlike traditional archives, digitally archived data also eliminates the problem of managing storage space.

2. Saving several thousand pages without compromising speed

Our archiving solution makes all past data, image or text content saveable and searchable. The page crawling functions needed for their exploration have been optimised by our developers to be scalable and not compromising the speed of the surface. In case of Vodafone the system may scan up to 2-3 thousand pages for one save, and this does not influence the visitor’s experience in any way.

3. A page crawling tool can support marketing activities too

For Vodafone the first two features were in focus during the development, however, such a tool can also be utilised for keeping an eye on our competitors. The technology is able to save their publicly available pages and their content, just the same way as our own.

What kind of businesses can increase their profitability by a custom-made web-archiving tool?

An online archiving and reporting tool can make the work of large companies more effective, primarily in case of banking, insurance and telecommunication services. It can also be a good solution for law firms, marketing agencies and specialised professionals. If you are looking for such a tool, our experts will be happy to consult about a solution suited for your business.

We are proud that we were able to contribute to Vodafone’s success with another LogiNet development, and we thank them for the feedback and cooperation during our project!

Egyedi webshopfejlesztés a Vodafone részére

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