We won a tender for business development

BAR-2022 grant supports the development of our project management software

BAR 2022: Software development at LogiNet Systems Ltd.

  • Name of beneficiary: LogiNet Systems Ltd.
  • Project title: Software development at LogiNet Systems Ltd.
  • Project ID No: BAR-1.1.1-22-2022-00031
  • Objective of the project: to provide support to LogiNet Systems Ltd. to offset the negative economic effects of the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union
  • Subject of the project: software development at LogiNet Systems Kft.
  • Amount of aid contracted: HUF 361 709 376
  • Planned completion date of the project: 31.03.2024.

We have successfully completed the first milestone of the project

Our project is on track and we have completed the first milestone. The suppliers have delivered the functionality promised by the deadline, the scheduled workshops have taken place, and the UX meetings have been successfully completed.

These tasks were completed:

1. Annual forecasting and annual plan functionality

Our vendor, Revolution Software Ltd. delivered the functionality for the first stage of the annual plan. We reviewed the code in-house, filtered out potential errors and made the necessary changes. We incorporated the code into the system and tested the functionality. The following functions are now part of the system:

  • management of basic master data for annual forecasting
  • creating an annual plan
  • basic annual plan configuration
  • updating annual plans during the year
  • plan-to-actual comparison by segment
  • aggregated dashboard.

2. User management modules
User management modules created by Cégmenedzser Szoftver Ltd. have been integrated into the system. The code snippets were successfully tested, debugged and modified. The functionality of the system has been extended with the new code snippets:

  • user management
  • management of user-related employee price levels.

3. Project management functionality
In addition, Cégmenedzser Szoftver Ltd. delivered one of the most important elements of the system: project management. With this, individual Jira projects can now be managed within the system, and the associated financial and project management tasks can be performed. The teams associated with the projects can be viewed, the data sheets for the different types of projects (one-off, ongoing) have been created, and the associated master data and financial data can be entered in the system.

4. Development methodology workshops
Datastep Ltd. helped to further develop the agile methodology used at LogiNet by providing professional advice. In a first step, interviews were conducted with key project stakeholders and then a plan was put together, which included workshops for developers and project managers.

5. UX design workshops and wireframes
The UX design workshops produced business model and value proposition canvases for the project and delivered wireframes for several core modules.

6. Login process and absence management functionality
In-house developments have mainly focused on the login process. In addition, absence management functionality was implemented at both employee and middle management level. This will help to:

  • employees can record, withdraw and review leave requests
  • the middle management can approve leave requests submitted.

Detailed description of the project

The grant will be used to develop a product targeting IT software development companies with a software as a service solution for project and project portfolio management. The software would run multitenantly and would also work in a containerised environment. A modern architecture would be created that would consist of an API based server side and an SPA like client side running on the client side. The task of the project is to find the right backend and frontend technologies.

The software will provide the following main functionalities:

  • Project portfolio level revenue planning and back-testing
    The functionality will provide the ability to plan and track the year. The annual plan will show the expected projects, broken down into revenue lines, by quarter. It is also possible to display different scenarios: catastrophic, pessimistic, realistic, optimistic, exceptional. Moving forward in the year, the future plan would be updated on the basis of the facts of the past quarters, and the plan and fact figures could be compared.
  • Project management
    This function can be used to estimate project tasks and track actual expenditure. This can be used to model expected costs and expected lead times under different scenarios. The detailed cost of the project (data sheets, analytics) is made transparent. It is also possible to manage the necessary master data: staff, hourly costs, overheads, capex/opex.
  • Assigning factual data to project activities
    The function would provide the filing of invoices, linking them to projects, uploading invoice metadata, disaggregation of costs. It will be possible to show the revenue generated by a particular employee, identify top and low performers. In addition, it will be possible to manage, enter and control timesheet entries.
  • Planning of professional inputs
    The function provides the possibility of high level planning, to run projects by resource type, broken down into weeks starting at time T(0), with FTE definition. It provides an overview of the expected start date of the projects and the staff required, i.e. how many people the company needs at each period of the year. Resource allocation is possible: it is possible to see what each colleague is doing in the short term, and in the long term, in weeks or months, which actors are working on which projects. The planning and management of leave, the management of the organisational hierarchy and the transparent portal view are solved.
  • Interface with other software
    The product would connect with the two most common software used for timesheet management and collaboration, JIRA and Youtrack. API and Middleware layers would be prepared to receive data from external software.


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