Magic Tools launches a web store customised for B2B needs

Intelligent product filter, more product information, and diverse price list management to help distributors buy

Magic Tools Ltd. has created an online store in partnership with LogiNet that allows its distributors to serve their customers in the fastest way with maximum satisfaction. The workwear retailer and wholesaler's new webshop, which was launched in June 2021, serves B2B customers as well as B2C users. We introduce the characteristics and challenges of the project, which is based on Logishop Pro webshop modules, in our case study.


Magic Tools Ltd, a retail and wholesale distributor of safety tools, is one of the largest players in its sector and sells its products primarily through retail partners, but also has its retail outlets. In 2010, the Hungarian-owned company decided to set up a B2B webshop to provide its partners with information and to monitor inventory levels in real-time. It assigned this task to a small development company.

The store network and the online channel (which serves B2B as well as B2C sales) complemented each other well from the start. Further development of the online store was limited by the lack of a mobile-friendly website, slow page loads and the fact that the necessary changes (new features to meet user needs, more advanced and streamlined navigation, need for a smooth ERP connection) could not be made within the old platform. The growth of the webshop was to be achieved with a new software developer, LogiNet Systems.

Objectives and challenges

Magic Tools wanted to customise its new webshop to meet the needs of its distributors, who make up the majority of its online sales (the previous webshop had more than 1800 partners registered).
With this in mind, they approached LogiNet with the need to develop a robust customer identification system, a fast, stable product import system, SEO support solutions and an efficient search and filter engine (they have a inventory of around 19,000 products).

Their previous webshop served both B2B and B2C sales, displaying separate prices for distribution and retail partners. They did not want to change this, just as they wanted to keep their previous ERP system (Vectory ERP).


The project design process started in the autumn of 2019. After the webshop had to be completely rebuilt, and the ordering process clarified and streamlined, LogiNet's team of project managers and consultants went on-site to learn and redesign the process through personal interviews.

At Magic Tools, they spoke to all the people involved in B2C and B2B sales (from the warehouse staff to B2B, B2C salespeople, order takers and customer relations staff) to ensure that the design of the new webshop took into account the needs of the people who work with it. It was also important to involve these people in the testing process to ensure the right webshop was created, which allowed problems to be highlighted before the live launch.

Magic Tools' new webshop is based on Logishop's webshop Pro modules, which allows for the coverage of specific needs. New webshop features tailored to user needs:

1. A dedicated B2B and B2C webshop interface

Within the webshop, the B2B and B2C webshop pages have a different look and feel. The user can see prices, inventory information, discounts, coupons, basic ordering units (e.g. pieces, packages), ordering methods (e.g. quick order) and content (B2B newsletter, B2C newsletter) according to the type of user (B2C, B2B partner, B2B distributor).

2. Detailed product data sheet and smart product filter

One of the biggest problems with Magic Tools' previous webshop was the lack of a product filter, which made shopping for 19,000 products rather long. For the new webshop, it was crucial that the user could filter for all product parameters, but to do this, the company also had to upload the data and parameters for the products into the ERP system. In the future, additional filtering criteria (such as specific standards) will be added, allowing the customer to find the product they want more quickly.

In the new webshop, partners will also be able to view products in mosaic or list layouts, view colour variations, and find product features, certificates, product videos and reviews next to the product.

A new feature is a possibility to list favourite or frequently ordered products, and the inventory information query and the possibility to compare with other products also greatly facilitate the shopping experience.

3. Distribution partners can modify the list of their users, set their privileges

Magic Tools' new webshop also meets the customer need for partners to be able to add multiple users to the company online, instead of having to do it over the phone, and set their rights or make them administrators.

4.  Customer product list export import

The user can easily import his orders, even from an Excel spreadsheet, i.e. add them to a shopping cart, or export the contents of the cart (item number, product quantity) to an Excel file. A new feature is the possibility to track the progress of orders online, from the moment the order is placed to the moment it is delivered.

5. Tracking your turnover, access to invoices

The user can find in one place within the webshop his main financial indicators ( provided by the ERP), i.e. which payment method he is authorised to use, how many days he has been allowed to pay and his credit limit. You can see your debts and how much of these are overdue. You can also find out the status of your discount, i.e. how far you are from receiving an extra discount based on your turnover. Users can compare their turnover by year or quarter and filter their orders.

One of the biggest challenges during the project was the slower and more complicated than estimated implementation of ERP integrations and synchronisations, which also required an upgrade from the ERP side to serve the new webshop.


1. Improving the user experience

Magic Tools' new online store, which serves both B2B and B2C sales, keeps the basic elements of the old look, but with a more modern design and features that users will immediately benefit from.

Magic Tools webshop: user-friendly online store

An intelligent filter makes it easier for users to shop.

Magic Tools B2B webshop - smart filter

On a product's datasheet, the user can check the inventory of products by specific colour and size. Orders placed before 14:00 on the same day can be delivered the next day by Magic Tools, depending on inventory status. If the product is not in the warehouse, it is possible to place a pre-order.

2. Reduced internal administrative efforts

The launch of the new webshop has also reduced the administrative tasks for Magic Tools staff. In the case of the previous webshop, the ordering process was not smooth (incomplete data, lost delivery addresses, etc.), which required staff to constantly check the data and the progress of the process by phone or email, which consumed considerable human resources. The elimination of this also means that staff can focus on more important matters for the business.

3. Faster page load speed

As a result of the new web store development, page load speeds have increased considerably and periodic higher peak traffic is no longer a problem.

Future plans

Magic Tools' new webshop, based on the Logishop webshop Pro product, has been well received by users. The development of Magic Tools' online sales channel will continue, with the development of a mobile application planned, still in collaboration with LogiNet.

"In the past, with IT developments, we sometimes felt that we, as the customer, should know what would be the right solution. This is not the case with LogiNet. Their experts know what they are doing, evaluate the situation and recommend the ideal technology solution for the task. In short, you can see the routine and the years. They have well-established, smooth processes and are good to work with, both in general and on webshop tasks."

- Tamás Perger, Magic Tools Kft.

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