How gamers got their mobile app

Meet the mobile app of Konzolvilág!

Anyone who's ever played Minecraft is probably familiar with the name Konsolvilág. The market-leading console chain and webshop have been serving fans of gaming and tech with the latest products since 2004. The Konzolvilág team asked LogiNet to develop a mobile application that would make even the most serious gamers satisfied. 

Before the pandemic, around 40% of Konzolvilág's turnover came from online shopping. That proportion has now been reversed; webshop traffic has doubled in recent months. Although the physical shops were closed for a few months, the lucky timing meant that the Konzolvilág mobile application was fully operational by then. In just over a month, the Konzolvilág app, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms, has been developed by LogiNet for its whitelabel product.

Comfort from the gamer chair

Konzolvilág has built up a successful online store over many years and has opened several offline stores across the country to further expand its market. And although online and offline retailing complemented each other perfectly, the company realised over time that it had to respond to an increasingly urgent user demand: users were looking for the same quality and comfort on their smartphones that they had been looking for from Konzolvilág. After the responsive web store, the next step was clear: a dedicated application was needed to maximise service quality and customer experience. Due to a lack of in-house capacity, Konzolvilág entrusted LogiNet with the project.

We are on the pixel road

The demand survey revealed that Konzolvilág has a significant number of loyal online customers, who are keen to be able to place their orders for the latest games and accessories quickly and simply on their mobile devices. We also found that users appreciate the pre-purchase discounts, love coupons and of course want to know about product launches earlier than everyone else! 

So Konzolvilág, and with it the technology-savvy, almost all-day mobile users, set the benchmark high: they wanted a fast, convenient, transparent app with lots of unique webshop features, and they wanted it in a very short time. 

After several meetings, we started building on our mobile product, Mcomapp, which takes online sales to a new level, with up to 3X higher conversions and +30% higher shopping cart value compared to the mobile web. As the features of the Mcomapp mobile app are flexible and can be customised and developed, custom feature enhancements were quickly initiated after understanding the needs.

Application, customised for gamers

"The world of gamers is a world of its own." - we heard this many times during development. What did it mean? It became clear during the customization of the features:

1. Pre-ordering and highlighting the most frequently used features

  • We are the privileged ones when we can get a long-awaited experience before the others. So it happens for gamers who want to try out the latest games before the majority. We've responded to this important demand with a new development that allows users to place an order for a long-awaited game or device through the Pre-Order feature in the app before launch and even offers an extra gift option so that users can receive a gift with their order.
  • The thoughtful functionality of the mobile app makes shopping much smoother and improves the customer experience. The app is easy to navigate with the most frequently used items highlighted, and the Categories, Shopping Cart and Profile pages are easily accessible from the bottom menu bar. Weekly promotions, Pre-orders, and Our Shops are highlighted on the home page.

Konzolvilág mobile app - pre-order feature

2. Shop map

  • Epidemic or not, shopping on the go, there is still a strong demand for community-building store visits, and it is becoming increasingly common for online and offline activity to take place in parallel. In many cases, purchases are made online, but users pick up their purchases in the nearest store. The physical purchase is facilitated by the Shop Map available from the home screen of the Konzolvilág app, where users can find out which shops are closest to them, as well as opening hours and contact details.

Konzolvilág mobile app - shop map

3. Inventory information

  • The feature also works backwards: for a given product, as a custom feature, the latest Inventory Information will show you the specific number of items of that particular game in each store.

Konzolvilág mobile app - inventory information

4. Digital product key

  • Not only the user needs but also the products are unique to Konzolvilág. For example, a game can only be activated with a Digital Product Key: the user purchases the game through the app, but the product key can only be viewed after a special biometric or password-based identification.  If the identification is successful, the app will also show the corresponding product key on the confirmation screen. This was a challenging development from an IT and security point of view to ensure that the system would work without any issues.

Konzolvilág mobile app - digital product key feature

5. Coupons

  • We have also developed a unique Coupon interface for the app, with general and user-related functions, which can be used for seasonal or personalised promotions. Custom coupons can also be used as a customer service tool: a webshop owner may encounter a negative customer experience, but wants to turn it into a positive customer experience. To do this, a unique coupon can be sent to the user's mobile app account, for example with a percentage coupon discount.

Konzolvilág  mobile app - coupons

6. One-click-checkout

  • The hugely popular One-click-checkout feature, which currently runs on a desktop, has been taken into account in the development of the app. Users will soon be able to benefit from the convenience of one-click checkout. Of course, the customer has to fill in the necessary information in their profile beforehand, but once this is done, they can get the product they want with just one click the next time they log in.

Success starts with the download 

At LogiNet, we believe that it is not enough to hand over the app in a gift box, the customer must manage his app as a promotional opportunity, because only with well-structured and continuously operated app marketing can you achieve business success and strengthen your brand. We have therefore encouraged Konzolvilág to promote its new app to its users - and we have provided all the development support to do so. 

Another important aspect of app marketing is to ensure that the customer's push message campaign is tailored and used according to properly defined objectives. Within the Mcomapp app, push notifications are also available, which can be used to inform you about special offers, products that have been left in your shopping cart or personalised discounts. These special features will soon be available to users who download the Konzolvilág app!

The ultimate measure of successful app marketing is, of course, the large number of users who download, use and shop through the app regularly. To our mutual satisfaction, one month after its launch, the Konzolvilág app is already over 1000 downloads on Google Play and iOS stores. Its rating is also on par with the best developers, with a score of 4.8 in both stores. Add to this the fact that customers often indicate their satisfaction with the entire purchase process by rating the app, and Konzolvilág's mobile app is not only a developer success but also an effective, full-value sales channel.

Where can you download the Konzolvilág mobile app?

Konzolvilág mobile app - user-friendly purchase channel

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