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We appreciate all applications for LogiNet vacancies and will do our best to make the selection process simple and smooth. What are the steps to becoming the newest member of our team? Learn more about our recruitment process.

We are constantly looking for new talent, from junior to senior level. If you decide you want to join us, the selection process you'll face may be important to you. LogiNet's dynamic, focused yet casual style is evident here too, and the process can be completed in as short as a week in an optimal case.

Carreer at LogiNet - join our team

What steps should you be expected to do?

1. Contact us

On the Careers page of the LogiNet website, you will find our latest job offers for which you can apply. But we may also contact you as a potential candidate.

2. Telephone interview

Once you have applied, our HR colleagues will call you, introduce you to the company, and inform you about benefits, expected tasks and projects. We want to know if what we offer is in line with what you are looking for and if LogiNet is the right place for you.

Bíró Eszter - HR manager  
Bíró Eszter
HR Manager
  Csapuka Bettina
HR Asszisztens

3. Online job interview

Besides our HR staff, the online interview also includes the operational manager and a professional manager (tech lead or senior expert). We want to know about your professional skills, i.e. what your focus is, what technology you use, what you have done before and what you are interested in improving. Although the emphasis is on professional skills, be prepared for informal conversation, as this is characteristic of LogiNet. If you have any questions about the company, our projects, or the technologies we use, feel free to ask, and we'll answer them all.

4. A few days to wait

This time is important for us to discuss in-house what we have in common and which projects you could use your skills on. You also have time to think about your impressions of LogiNet, and how it meets your expectations and, if you have any other questions, we welcome you to contact us.

5. Meet the CEO

Once we have found a mutual interest, we invite you to a one-to-one meeting with our CEO, Zsigmond Máriás. We'll go over the details, show you around the Galvani Street office, and introduce you to future colleagues.

Máriás Zsigmond - ügyvezető
Zsigmond Máriás

6. Our proposal letter arrives

Within one day, we will send you our written proposal, discuss the details, the deadline and when you can start.

7. Preboarding

We will keep in touch with you during your term of dismissal, if you need any employment advice related to your terminations, we will help you. You will have the opportunity to view a draft contract to be signed with us. And before you join, we ask you to fill in a preboarding questionnaire with a few informal questions. We would like to circulate your answers to LogiNet staff so that you can introduce yourself to everyone in an informal way.

8. Getting on board, starting the onboarding process

Your first day. We will start with signing a contract, then you will receive your equipment (laptop, mobile, etc.) We will show you around our spacious office, explain the necessary office basics, and access, have lunch together and introduce you to the staff in the office (we work in a hybrid way), you will meet your mentor and the project manager. The first day will be about familiarisation, relaxing in the well-equipped kitchen or even at the ping-pong table and darts board.

Your first weeks - months. You'll be in contact with HR colleagues and your mentor, so if you have any problems or comments, you can let us know. After one and a half and 3 months, you will be invited for a follow-up interview with your mentor, project manager and HR manager to discuss your experiences and your vision for the future.

Carreer at LogiNet - Join our team

Check out our open positions on the Careers page and if you find one that interests you, apply. We would love to welcome you as a member of the LogiNet team as soon as possible!

Wondering how we work at LogiNet? Check out our video about it!

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