Digital healthtech solution for xLab

Custom software development to revolutionize patient health management

XLab is a domestic healthtech startup that was created to enable users to view their lab results digitally, transparently and time-series through a web application, as opposed to the current solution, which is a PDF sent via email. The custom web development was completed within a tight deadline of 12 weeks with a narrowed-down MVP.

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After the lab test, the patient now finds the result in an emailed PDF, where he or she is confronted with unfamiliar words and numbers, while it is not clear to him or her whether this is a deterioration or an improvement compared to the previous lab result. It is not clear to him whether he should consult a doctor, and if so, which one, so he is likely to start looking for information on the Internet or seek advice from friends and acquaintances, which may lead to a misdiagnosis.

It was important to make it easy for users to see and retrieve their findings. The user should be able to understand immediately what each value means and how it has changed compared to the results of previous findings so that it can be easily compared.

From a development perspective, it was a priority to address the security of health data throughout the process.


In the xLab solution, which is the result of the development, the user can view the lab results of his/her account in a list after successful login and can click on each lab result to see the aggregation and visualization of the tested values (data visualization).

The user can see at a glance how many of the values obtained during the test fall into the "good value" category and how many into the "different value" category, how this differs from the last result, and can also view historical values via a time series chart.

XLab: Case Study on the Development of an Innovative Healthtech Solution

The solution also includes a "tooltip" icon next to the filter for the test values, clicking on the tooltip (information button) brings up a text box to inform the user about the filtering options. For example, you can filter by organs, and complaint types (heart, liver, cholesterol, joint problems, etc.).

In the current phase of the project, the user can enter laboratory results manually or by loading CSV data into the solution.

Future plans

The next step in the development would be to upload lab results automatically rather than manually. In addition, it would also be possible to request an online opinion and, on this basis, to be directed to the appropriate specialist and to book an appointment with a doctor. The following improvements would therefore speed up the user's journey from problem identification to the medical solution.

The solution is currently focused on laboratory results, but in the future, it could be extended to include imaging diagnostics and all digitised medical results


Digital healthtech solutions for XLab

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