B2B web store development for Optimit Hungária

Is it worth launching a B2B e-commerce site in a non-traditional industry?

In December 2021, Optimit Hungária Kft.'s new e-commerce website was launched, based on the Logishop webshop solution. In the company's B2C and B2B online store, special filter and search functions facilitate the search between thousands of mobile and industrial hydraulic, hose and fitting product variants, modern external, optimised navigation enhances the user experience, detailed product information and quotation request options support the purchase. A platform with transparent, relevant content and variant management functionality enables an effective online solution for partners in an industry considered more "conservative" to help them place orders quickly and without expert assistance.

Check out the new Optimit Hungária B2B ie-commerce website!



Optimit Hungária Kft., a company trading in mobile and industrial hydraulics, hoses and fittings, already had a webshop in Hungary and Romania, which they wanted to develop. They wanted to increase the share of their online turnover and implement more improvements that the old platform did not offer. To grow further, they chose a new web development company, LogiNet.

Objectives and challenges

The trading company decided to create a new webshop to meet B2B and B2C needs, to ensure smooth integration with the newly introduced SAP ERP system and to provide a mobile-optimized, modern look and feel to the online interface.

With this in mind, he approached LogiNet with the need to ensure that resellers and end-user partners could only view the prices of the new online store as users and request quotes for higher-value products. 

One of the interesting aspects of the development was the sector itself, as Optimit Hungária operates in an industry that is considered conservative. In hydraulics, there is no online presence, and most people still believe that B2B sales of products still require expert help. 

One of the cornerstones of the project was how to make the more than 7,000 product variants of their few hundred products on the webshop transparent. They wanted to help customers choose products by creating an efficient search and filter) and to support easier navigation by creating more transparent product category pages.

It was also important to be able to place the company at the top of the search results list for keywords with specific content in their industry, which required a well-structured, robust webshop.

For LogiNet, one of the biggest challenges was the integration of the business and online purchasing processes, mapping the online ordering process and SAP processes (pricing, stock information, data updates, etc.) to Logishop's webshop.

Solution and results

The new Optimit webshop project was realized by the development and consulting team of LogiNet and the UX experts of 22.design. The webshop was launched in December 2021, with a modern, attractive design to meet user needs and several new customer-optimised features.

Optimit Hungária B2B webshop - user-friendly site

Features to help B2B partners purchase

  • Features to support reordering to enable customers to shop quickly (export shopping lists).
  • Customized quote request. B2B partners can only see product prices after logging in (this also applies to B2C customers). For larger quantities or higher-value products, no price is displayed on the online interface, but the customer can request a bid from the supplier.

Optimit B2B webshop - Features to help B2B partners purchase

  • Real-time inventory information. The Logishop webshop has added many useful new features to the webshop, such as product inventory information. The partner can see whether the particular product is available in each warehouse.
  •  All product variants are displayed on the product data-sheet and can be added to the shopping cart with a single click. This facilitates the mass order of variants.

Optimit B2B webshop: mass cart addition of product variants

Special filter for efficient management of product variants

One of the special features of the project was the management of a substantial number of product variants, which LogiNet solved with several custom developments in addition to the B2B functions of the Logishop webshop. 

  • The filtering criteria and related combinations were developed based on the previous shopping habits of thousands of customers.
  • Special filter and search functions help you to make the right choice. Thanks to LogiNet's unique development, the selectable filtering parameters change dynamically depending on the results of the search.
  • The advanced filter and search block has been moved from the sidebar to above the products, making the page structure more transparent.

Optimit B2B webshop: special filter

Industry-specific B2B functions

  • The customer can add not only pieces but also meters to the cart.

Optimit B2B webshop: basket stacking based on metres

  • The B2B webshop offers the possibility to filter by product group (industry-specific filter).
  • Product selection is also helped by very high quality product photos, allowing the customer to view parts in detail (Logishop webshop also handles high quality, large product photos smoothly).

Optimit B2B webshop: high-quality product photos

Map store locator module

  • The users are assisted by a map shop locator module, by clicking on the given "marker" the name of the shop, opening hours, exact address and the possibility to start a journey plan are displayed in a pop-up.

Optimit B2B webshop: Map store locator module

LogiNet has managed to find solutions for an industry that is still rare in the online industry. Based on feedback so far, customers have responded positively to the new web store.

The Logishop webshop solution offers the opportunity for further custom development. The system can be used for both B2B and B2C webshop, can be integrated with other external systems and offers the possibility to build an e-commerce ecosystem. How can you successfully implement the product on your webshop? Ask the experts at LogiNet for advice!
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