LogiNet e-Commerce Suite


Our enterprise level e-commerce application provides all functions needed for online and mobile sales, promotion tools, and order management.

Key advantages:
» Fast time-to-market
» Fully customisable solution
» Mobile shop application
» Easy integration with APIs



    LogiNet e-Commerce Suite is built on a solid foundation of modern and reliable programming languages, frameworks, and best-in-class open source technologies.

    » PHP5 programming language
    » Symfony2 framework
    » Standard web frontend components: HTML5, CSS3
    » AngularJS JavaScript framework
    » SOAP/XML and RESTful/JSON integration

    Using the basic technologies, the LogiNet Platform is a web development suite which implements reliable, low-level features and interfaces needed for every web application, without containing any specific business logic.

    » Quick, robust and reliable operation through secured online channel
    » Common interface design for desktop and mobile devices
    » Administration interface, datagrid and component design
    » Users’ registration, account and authority management, login/logout
    » Powerful service for large amount of parallel requests
    » Background job management
    » Email sending and adressee handling
    » System configuration management with admin interface
    » Static text registration and management system with language handling
    » System logging and reporting functions


    LogiNet e-Commerce Suite's webshop frontend presents and sells your products to your costumers. Its fully responsive web frontend is built using standard web technologies and supports all web browsers on desktop and mobile devices. Meanwhile, the mobile shop application provides the ultimate mobile shopping experience.

    » Dynamic product search and listing interfaces
    » Filtering and ordering by product attributes, promotions
    » Product pages with descriptions, attributes, product versions, image, promotions
    » Virtual basket function, summarized and detailed views of basket’s content
    » User friendly checkout process
    » Intelligent product quick search with autocomplete function
    » Search engine friendly interface, url-s, metadata, content hierarchy
    » Order tracking and self service functions


    Product catalog is the heart of every e-commerce solution, as a rich, up-to-date product database is mandatory for the success. We provide a tool to manage all aspects of your product database: categories, attributes, pictures, files, and much more.

    » Category tree management
    » Attributes schema management
    » Category - attribute binding via administration interface
    » Product and product variant binding
    » Handling of product and variant level attributes
    » Filter condition and mandatory attributes handling
    » Product administration via web interface
    » Product pictures and files
    » Batch product import-export via .xls, .xml and .csv files
    » Management of list prices and user tier prices
    » Inventory management, multiple stock locations


    Our rule-based e-commerce promotions engine provides merchants an advanced feature for an outstanding customer engagement.

    » Promotions and promotion stacking rules
    » Simple, temporary percentage-based or fixed price discount promotions
    » Rule-based discounts linked to selected categories, brands, shipping methods, etc.
    » Voucher-based price discount or gift promotions
    » Volume discounts
    » Packages and bundle discounts
    » Segmentation-based and personalized promotions
    » Product highlight features: flags and badges management


    Order fulfillment workflow is a key part of our solution. It helps tracking and managing every order placed by clients. Moreover, customer service is able to place and update orders.

    » Configurable order workflow with steps and rules
    » Assign order to order administrator personnel
    » Browse and filter orders by all attributes (customer, company, product, date, etc.)
    » Automatic and custom email notifications
    » Edit order data, add and remove items
    » Order tracking end user interface
    » Batch operation processing


    Enterprise functions offer sophisticated reporting and several security enhancements that are usually required by enterprise level merchants.

    » Sophisticated admin role management
    » Secure administration login using one-time-password
    » Password policies for admins and users
    » Security reports and logs
    » Activity logs - who did what on the interface
    » Integration reports and logs


    Digital islands are not an option anymore, our customers already have a working IT infrastructure, therefore they seek a solution that fits their existing system. LogiNet e-Commerce Suite comes with built-in support for regular ERP and CRM integration feature set. More than that, it has built-in pre-integration with some of the most popular ERP and CRM systems.

    » Product data with ERP or external PIM software
    » Stock and availability with ERP or inventory management software
    » Partner data with ERP and CRM system
    » Segmentation info exchange with CRM system
    » Default list prices, non-public price lists, unique prices and partner discounts
    » Order submission into ERP system, two-way interface between web and ERP
    » Invoice sync with backend systems
    » Integration with SSO solutions
    » Weblogging into big data solutions, such as Hadooop
    » RESTful API for mobile commerce frontend

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Our E-commerce Services

software development

We design and develop web and mobile commerce applications based on our product, the LogiNet e-Commerce Suite.

Digital commerce  strategy and consulting

We help our customers with the digital transformation of their commerce activities, creating omni-channel user experiences.

User experience and e-commerce frontend design

We design information architecture, user journeys, and wireframe templates in order to meet your end users' exact needs.

E-commerce integration with
backend systems

We design and develop integrations between e-commerce and other systems, such as ERP, CRM, SSO, portal, and SOA architectures.

Traffic analysis and
performance enhancement

We implement analytic tools in order to research user behaviour data and to contribute to making the right decisions to improve site performance.

Data driven e-commerce,
big data and machine learning

We use data science technologies and machine learning to analyse large amount of user data and provide further insights on your customers.